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Powerful Prayers For First Responders

    The first responders in your community are brave, selfless people who go into dangerous situations to help others. Whether they are volunteer firemen, police officers, or EMTs, they spend their days in the service of those around them. It’s important to pray for these hard-working men and women so that they know that you care about them and think of them. Here are some powerful prayers and Bible verses you can use when praying for our first responders:

    Powerful Prayers For First Responders

    1. Lord, hear my prayer

    • Pray for first responders in your community.
    • Pray for their families.
    • Pray for their safety.
    • Pray for their strength.
    • Pray for their courage.
    • Pray for wisdom and discernment in the decisions they make during an emergency situation, that they would be led by God’s Spirit to help those who are suffering or hurting and not take unnecessary risks with themselves or others’ lives, especially when it comes to situations involving weapons of mass destruction such as chemical or biological weapons (or bombs).
    • Ask God to give them peace in knowing that He has everything under control because He is sovereign over all things, including our lives as well as theirs!

    2. God, be with them

    As you pray for first responders, remember that God is with them.

    He is with us all.

    God is with the first responders, and He is also with their families, as well as the victims and communities they serve. God’s presence extends far beyond this planet—He watches over our world and all of its inhabitants. And He sees all of us interrelated in His creation: we are connected by bloodlines, family ties, and community bonds; we share a common humanity; we share a common Creator; we share a common destiny in Heaven or Hell (which can be changed through faith in Christ).

    3. May they experience your presence in their daily lives

    May they experience your presence in their daily lives.

    May they see you when they look at the sunset, or when the sun rises on a new day. May they feel you when they hold their children or hug someone who has been hurt. May they hear your voice like angel whispers in their ear during times of trouble or pain.

    May God be with them always, guiding them as he does us all with loving hands and an open heart so that we may know him better through them. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

    4. May they find comfort during times of sadness

    May they find comfort during times of sadness.

    First responders see things most people can’t imagine, and they often do so without the support of loved ones. Pray for them to receive strength, peace, and solace from God.

    5. God, help them to overcome fear and discouragement

    When first responders are asked to do something that is beyond their capabilities, they might experience fear and discouragement. You can help your first responder overcome these feelings by praying for them.

    Praying for your loved ones means you are taking their needs seriously, and it’s important to them because they have a relationship with God. There are many ways you can pray for your first responder:

    • Pray that they will have faith in God’s plan.
    • Pray that they will keep hope alive when everything seems impossible.
    • Pray that they’ll receive strength from God when moments seem too hard, or even hopelessly dark (John 16:33).

    6. May they know your loving grace when they fellowship with others

    • Fellowship with others is an important part of the Christian life.
    • Fellowship with other first responders is also an important part of the Christian life.
    • Fellowship with people who are not first responders but are in similar situations is another important thing you can do to grow as a Christian.
    • The same goes for not being in that sort of situation at all!

    7. Keep them safe as they go into dangerous situations

    • Pray for their safety. Keep them safe as they go into dangerous situations.
    • Pray for their families. Pray that their family members stay safe and healthy during these times of stress, worry, and uncertainty.
    • Pray for their friends. They will need their friends during times like this to lift them up in prayer, support them emotionally and physically, share meals with them, etc. Let’s be those friends!
    • Pray for their colleagues and communities too—the people working with our first responders are also going through some pretty tough stuff right now too (and we should pray for each other).

    8. May they experience wisdom and discernment in all that they do.

    As first responders, you will make many decisions in your line of duty. These decisions can be small ones, like what to eat for lunch, or they can be life-or-death situations involving the safety of others. May these prayers help you find wisdom and discernment in all that you do.

    In times of stress or confusion, may God grant you the clarity and confidence to make the right choice—the choice that will keep your team safe while keeping others out of harm’s way as well.

    9. Protect the hearts of our first responders.

    We need to protect the hearts of our first responders.

    Their hearts are their most valuable possession. Their hearts are their source of strength, love and courage—it’s where they draw from when they have nothing left to give. It’s what guides them when everything else is chaos. Their hearts are their source of wisdom, discernment and so much more; without their heart, first responders would be lost and helpless in the face of tragedy. They protect us with great responsibility because those who we serve deserve nothing less than our best efforts under pressure-filled situations where lives hang in the balance.

    10. God, give them peace.

    God, give them peace.

    Peace of mind is a state of being in which the mind is quiet and at rest. Peace of heart is a state of being in which the heart is free from anxiety or agitation. When you pray for peace, you are asking God to grant these things to your first responders and their families–to help them feel calm, secure, stable, and secure. This prayer helps us all because it reminds us that peace isn’t just something we have to seek out on our own; it’s actually something that comes from God Himself when we ask Him for it!

    11. Pray for the first responders in your community

    • Pray for the first responders in your community.
    • Pray for their safety, health, and well-being.
    • Pray for their families and friends who are also affected by this tragedy and its aftermath.
    • Pray that God would strengthen them spiritually as they face this challenge together with those who have been harmed or lost loved ones in the event(s).
    • Pray that he will give them strength to carry on until the situation is resolved, whether it takes hours or days or months (Romans 8:28).
    • (Prayer of St Francis) Lord make me an instrument of thy peace.* Where there is hatred let me sow love* where there is injury pardon* where there is doubt faith* where there is despair hope* where there is darkness light* O Divine Master grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; To be understood as to understand; To be loved as to love For it is in giving we receive; It is only when we are willing to “lose” our lives for others (Jesus) did He promise us a new one (John 10:10)!


    We hope that you feel a deep sense of fulfillment as you lift up your first responders in prayer. It is truly a blessing to be able to pray for the safety and comfort of those who serve our communities daily. May God give you peace as you pray for your first responders, and may they also experience God’s incredible love through your prayers!

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