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Powerful Prayers For Abused Children

    I’ve been a pastor for over 30 years, so I know firsthand how difficult life can be for both the abuser and the abused. As a result, I’ve compiled this list of prayers specifically for abused children. Please use them in your personal prayer life and as a guide to help you through this difficult time. If there are any other topics you’d like me to write about, feel free to let me know in the comments below!

    Powerful Prayers For Abused Children

    1. Don’t Ask For Forgiveness.

    Don’t ask for forgiveness. You are not responsible for their feelings, their actions, or their choices.

    You are not at fault for allowing someone to hurt and abuse you. And it’s not your job to forgive them either.

    It is okay to feel angry with God and question why this has happened to you in the first place. But remember that God is always there with a listening ear if you need him; he is never too busy for his children no matter what happens in their lives!

    2. Pray or Meditate As Much As Possible.

    Praying and meditating are powerful tools that can help you feel calm, less alone, and less afraid. Pray or meditate as much as possible. If you’re not sure how to pray or meditate, just open your heart and mind up to God/Spirit/Universe/Higher Power/Great Spirit/God’s Presence/Source Energy (whatever name resonates with you), let go of all expectations about what should happen next, breathe deeply for a few moments, then ask for whatever it is that you need at this time—comfort from God; guidance from God; love from God; peace from God; patience from God; strength from God; courage from God—and trust that His answer will come in His own perfect timing.

    3. Praying With Your Kids Will Help Build Their Faith.

    Praying with your kids will help build their faith. When we pray together as a family, it gives our kids an idea of how important prayer is and how much God loves them. Praying with your children allows you to teach them about faith, which shows them that they can trust in God’s goodness and love for us even when things seem bleak or confusing.

    4. Healing Through Prayer

    A prayer is a powerful tool for healing, as well as forgiveness, peace, and hope.

    In addition to helping you find peace in the midst of your pain and suffering, prayer can also help you to find strength and joy. Prayer is an important part of recovery because it helps you to connect with God or another higher power who will help guide you through the difficult journey ahead.

    5. Change Your Language When You Pray- Don’t Ask For Forgiveness.

    When you pray, don’t ask for forgiveness. Instead, ask for healing. Don’t ask God to forgive you for what your abuser has done; instead, ask God to heal the wounds in your heart and mind, that have been caused by their abuse.

    When we begin praying, we often think about asking God for forgiveness – which makes sense because it’s something that we need from Him – but let’s change our language when we pray! Don’t ask for forgiveness (which is something only God can give) but instead, let’s seek and accept His healing grace. He wants us to be whole again!

    6. Consecrate the Bible to Bring Good Things To You.

    Consecrate the Bible to Bring Good Things To You

    Consecrate the Bible to bring good things to you and others by saying, “I consecrate this Bible in the name of Jesus Christ, that I may be blessed with knowledge and understanding.” Then read it with a prayerful attitude. Write down any promises or scriptures that come to mind while reading the word of God. When you encounter difficulty, refer back to those promises and scriptures often until they become a reality in your life. Use this consecrated Bible for personal or family worship as well as for reading aloud during church services or small group gatherings at home—it will bless everyone who comes into contact with it!

    7. Do Not Disturb The Prince of Peace.

    There are many ways you can pray for yourself, your child, and other children who have been abused. First, it is important to pray to God who loves us more than any human being ever could. Ask Him to help you find peace in your mind, heart, and soul. You may also want to pray directly to Jesus because He suffered as a child when He was falsely accused of wrongdoing by the religious leaders of His time (see Matthew 26:57-68). Next, you might want to pray directly to the Holy Spirit because He will help you feel calmness and peace even though there is turmoil around you (John 20:22-23). You may also feel comforted by praying directly with angels or saints such as St. Michael the Archangel (who protects us from evil influences), St. Lucy (who helps us see clearly), or Sts John Vianney & Teresa Benedicta Smith Edith Stein (both had horrible childhood experiences but became great saints in spite of them). Finally, consider asking Mary – our Mother – for Her intercession on behalf of your child so that they will be protected from further harm and healed by Your Son’s love through His grace.”

    8. That Went Too Far

    You didn’t think it could happen to you. You thought your parents would protect you, but they didn’t. They let someone do things to you that went too far.

    This prayer is for those who have been abused by someone close to them and feel like there is no hope for the future. It’s for those who feel like their lives are over and don’t know how to move forward with all these traumatic memories haunting them every day of their lives.

    It may be hard for some, but I encourage you not to give up on yourself or God; continue with faith that someday things will change!

    9. Powerful prayers for abused children

    • Pray for the abused children
    • Pray for the abusers
    • Pray for their families
    • Prayer for the abused children’s families, friends, and teachers.


    As you can see, the power of prayer is almost unlimited. You just have to make sure that you are in a good place mentally and physically before asking for anything from God. It’s also important to know what type of prayer will work best for your situation so that you can get the results that your family needs the most. Please share with all the other people who may be suffering from this problem too!

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