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10 Most Powerful and Inspiring Quotes

    Powerful Motivational quotes today : Kindly keep yourself and your spirit motivated and inspired with this life changing powerful motivational quotes for today January 12 2023.

    1. When we’ve been through disappointments, loss, bad breaks, it’s easy to forget who we are and let that become our identity. But what you’ve been through didn’t change who you are. You are still royalty. You are still a masterpiece. You are still a child of the Most High God. – Joel Osteen
    2. With God, things don’t get worse, they get better and better! You don’t sink and lower, you rise higher and higher! – Joyce Meyer
    3. Words are powerful. They paint pictures of success or failure. We need to be careful how we use them- Victoria Osteen.
    4. They may have walked away, said things that damaged your reputation, but God is not going to let you stay down, mistreated, shortchanged. No, get ready. Payback is coming. He is a just God. What belongs to you is on the way – Joel Osteen.
    5. He wants our habits to be heavenly, our words to be wise, our thoughts to be pure, our spirits to be cheerful. Ask the Lord to set you on high places today – David Jeremiah
    6. You may have given up in the past, but you can persevere today. You may have been hesitant in the past, but you can be bold today – Joyce Meyer.
    7. Are you your own worst enemy, are you defeating yourself, limiting your dreams, sabotaging your relationships, all because you don’t like yourself? You have enough people and circumstances against you; don’t be against yourself – Joel Osteen.
    8. “And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in love.” (2 John 1:6) – Steven Furtick
    9. God doesn’t call the solar system a masterpiece. He doesn’t call the magnificent sunset a masterpiece. He calls you a masterpiece. Now the question is what are you calling yourself? – Joel Osteen.
    10. God is reminding you who you are: a masterpiece, a mighty hero, a king’s child. There’s royalty in your blood. There’s a crown of favor on your head – Joel Osteen.
    11. God already knows your needs and every concern. If you want Him to turn it around, then instead of complaining, find a promise you can stand on. When God hears His promises, He sets the miracle into motion – Victoria Osteen.
    12. Too often, we’re counting on other people to keep us fixed. You’re putting too much pressure on the people in your life. Let them off the hook. Don’t go to people trying to get what only God can give – Joel Osteen
    13. Get your hopes up! You may have failed in the past, but you can overcome today. You may have made mistakes, but you can make wise decisions today – Joyce Meyer.
    14. Righteousness gives you the legal right to boldly approach God—your Father—without guilt, shame, or unworthiness. Don’t you want to receive everything God has for you? – Andrew Wommack
    15. God loves you today unconditionally and loyally. Even if you are unfaithful, “He remains faithful” (2 Timothy 2:13). If you have fallen or been unfaithful, take heart: God is faithful to love and forgive – David Jeremiah.

    May these motivational words motivate, encourage and inspire us in Jesus Name. Amen.

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