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PHIL MUNSEY: Biography, Age, Family, Career/Ministry, Net Worth

    Phil Munsey is an American pastor, speaker, author and the founder of Life Church. He is a pastor at The Lakewood Church and the Chairman of the Champions Network of Churches with Joel Osteen and Lakewood Church.

    Being the founder of Life Church, he pastored and led it for 30 years before resigning from his position. Pastor Phil is currently the head of the Champion’s Network, a national network of churches and leaders founded by Joel Osteen.

    Phil Munsey
    Pastor Phil Munsey

    Pastor Phil Munsey Biography

    Phil Munsey is an American Pastor, preacher,  author, founder of Life Church and the head of Champion’s Network, a national network of churches and leaders founded by Joel Osteen.

    The 66 Years old pastor Munsey was born to the family of Bishop Frank Munsey (father) and Ruth Munsey(Mother) in Munster, Indiana.  He is happily married to Jeanie Munsey and blessed with three adult children named Kara Bisel, Phillip Bisel, and Andrew Bisel.


    Pastor Philip Munsey was born on the 18th of August 1956. Accordingly, as at the time of this publication (2022), Pastor Munsey is 66 years old. Pastor Phil Munsey’s birthday comes up on the 18th day of August every year and it remains a highly cherished day in his life for celebration with his family, friend and relatives.


    Phil Munsey was born to his parents , Bishop Frank Munsey and Ruth Munsey in Munster, Indiana.


    The number of siblings pastor Phil has is unknown However, information available shows clearly that Pastor Phil has other siblings, one of whom is Steve Munsey, his elder brother. Steve Munsey is a pastor at Family Christian Center, the church founded by their parents. Phil however is the second-born child of the family.


    Phil was born to the family of Bishop Frank Munsey his lovely father and Ruth Munsey his wonderful mother. His parents founded the Family Christian Center in the 1950s. Phil’s older brother, Pastor Steve Munsey, is currently heading the church.


    Phil Munsey is happily married to Jeanie Munsey.  Jeanie was born on the October 7 1956, making her 66 years old as at the time of this publication (2022).

    Phil Munsey Wife
    Phil Munsey Wife Jeanie Munsey

    The Couple got married on the  8th of April 1978.  Phil met Jeannie Caffey, a Christian artist, while serving as a youth pastor in Detroit. Currently they have been married for 44 years (2022).

    Phil Munsey’s wife , Jeannie Munsey is a professional interior decorator, a worship leader, and a songwriter. She graduated from high school at 16 and then moved away to pursue her B.A. in music. They eventually awarded an honorary doctorate in music and pastoral ministry to her.

    Jeanie Munsey
    Phil Munsey and his wife Jeanie Munsey


    Phil and Jeanie Munsey’s marriage is blessed with three adult lovely children named Kara Bisel, Phillip Bisel, and Andrew Bisel. They have three grandchildren as well.

    Kara Bisel and her husband, Douglas Bisel, are both preachers at the Life Church. She hosts an apple podcast called “The Unscripted Mom”.


    Growing up, Phil had a very strong Christian background. At age 17, Phil understood his call to be a preacher. He started as an intern in his father’s ministry and later attended Moody Bible Institute where he studied theology.

    Pastor Munsey Preached his very first sermon from the Lord’s Prayer in his Huntington Beach in-laws’ living room in 1985. The group comprised 11 people. Phil Munsey worked as a key grip for a small production firm, while Jeannie Munsey got money playing the piano at the Broadway in Crystal Court.

    Pastor Phil and his wife Jeannie were part of the founders of Life Church in Irvine, California. On Sundays, the couple built their church–moving from location to location across south Orange County.

    Before Phil left for Lakewood, he pastored Life church with his wife for thirty years. He currently serves as the chairman of Joel Osteen’s Champions Network. Munsey also serves as a guest pastor at One Church in Los Angeles regularly.


    Below are a few spirit filling sermons by Phil Munsey:

    1. Your Next
    2. Turning loss into gain
    3. Preparing for your next
    4. The empowered prayer
    5. A prayer is never wasted
    6. Discovering your life’s message
    7. Turning loss into gain
    8. Living confident in times of confusion
    9. Bursting at the dreams
    10. When harm becomes harmony

    PHIL MUNSEY BOOKS             

    As at the time of this publication, Pastor Munsey has published only one book titled “Legacy Now: Why everything about you matters.” . The book was published on 7th of December 2007.  His Legacy helps readers look at their lives from a personal, generational and eternal perspective showing them how their destiny is in their DNA and taking them on a step-by-step journey on building a legacy that lasts. It teaches us that Life is more than a string of events—it is part of a chain that links you to the eternal purpose of God. Taking responsibility for your legacy is simply assuring your relationships and resources will outlive and outlast your time on this earth.


    Information relating to the net worth of Pastor Phil Munsey is currently not available.  However, Pastor Phil earns from his money from multiple sources, they include the salary he makes from his church among others.


    Pastor Phil Munsey can be reached on the following platforms:

    Instagram: @philmunsey

    Twitter: @philmunsey

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