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Perry Stone Message: Are the March and April Warnings True?

    Perry Stone Message February 8 2022 : Perry Stone Ministries shares this message by Pastor Perry titled “Are the March and April Warnings True?” where he revealed that the food companies are saying this will begin in March.

    He said he wants to give you what we do know and that is that we are having first of all freight disruptions and you know this, the freight the … ships that are coming in the shipping containers are in ports especially on the west coast of the United States.

    Perry Stone said somebody had ordered shoes for Christmas and when they finally got them they all had mold in them and they had to destroy them. It was a big shoe company out on the west coast.

    Secondly is a trucking challenge where he cited the details of the complications and difficulties in the trucking industry. For example with truckers retiring, with regulations in certain states hindering them from being able to sit they have to go out of state with their trucks.

    Perry Stone also brought our attention to what Canada did recently and now there’s these huge protests in Canada with truckers which is definitely a disruption in the supply chain.

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