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    PASTOR TD JAKES SERMONS THE SECRET TO ELEVATION : Pastor T.D JAKES said I believe this going to illuminate in your heart, the Word of God and give you revelation for such a time as this, the first message out is secret to Elevation. When we read the Gospel of st. mark, we are we are reading a moment that Jesus is teaching men that have not yet, matured, have not yet mastered their faith that they will at best become clinicians but for life students every teacher worth their salt is forever a student, you cannot teach further than you learn, you don’t get a masters degree in i faith, you’ve never mastered it, you follow on to know, you grow progressively and this is a training moment, they are inquiring about the kingdom and Jesus is saying to them some of you will not taste death until you have seen the kingdom of God coming glory, some of you shall not taste, there’s some people I have trouble with this scripture because they say well all the Apostles are dead and they have not seen the glory they didn’t see the glory and I think you didn’t read the Bible because some of the twelve he set apart and led them up on a mountain to see the glory of the kingdom of God, but the glory of the kingdom of God for them, came in glimpses.


    Pastor T.D Jakes said, Glimpses I like that word personally because my life has been full of glimpses, at eight years old I told my mother sitting in the backseat of her car coming back from her speaking at a Delta sorority meeting, I said right now I go to hear you speak and they call me Miss Jake’s son but the time will come you’re come hear me speak and they will call you Tom Jake’s mother at 8:00 they’re gonna call you Tom Jake’s mother I was pretty close one time it was TV that is medicine at eight years old I caught a glimpse a of what I would be doing all of my life, I wasn’t sure I was gonna be preaching but I knew I was gonna be in front of people, it was gonna be a lot of people and she was gonna be in the crowd and they would know my name more than hers at 8:00 the the glory of God is revealed in glimpses not details.


    Jesus says some of you will not taste death until you see the kingdom of God, come with power and then he pulled three from the 12 and he pulled them apart and I want to deal first of all with, when you are chosen you will forever be pulled apart, trial you want to fit in with the 12 but you were meant to be in the three, the truth of the matter is that when God gives you glimpses, Its not superiority, nor for arrogance sake but because of the uniqueness of your path, you could never be common in your associations.


    so don’t think that the miracle begins at the top of the mountain, the miracle begins down in the valley, when he called the three from the twelve and said leave the rest of them to operate on this level and I fit you apart, some people don’t pass that test, they are not willing to leave the pack they prefer the associations with the familiar than the sacredness of following the divine living. Pastor T.D Jakes wants us to learn to listen to God’s path for us, he wants us to understand that it does not start easy, and to be elevated we must try to agree with God choices, even though they might seem strange or though.




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