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Pastor Steven Furtick: When God Leaves Out Details

    Pastor Steven Furtick When God Leaves Out Details : The lead pastor of Elevation church, Pastor Steven Furtick shares this sermon titled “When God Leaves Out Details”.

    In this sermon, Pastor Furtick teaches that what’s in front of you may not be the final answer. This is an excerpt from his sermon “What You Call Small.”

    He said that the issue in 1 Samuel 16 is not only about where it happened. It’s not only about who it happened to. Samuel was a seer, a prophet. He was never referred to as a priest. He served multiple roles. You know how we all have to flow in multiple roles from moment to moment…trying to be a student and a son or a parent and a husband or a husband and a pastor or a pastor and a husband and a dad and a boss.

    There’s also a change happening here that is beyond Samuel in that God never really wanted Israel to have a king; he wanted to be their King. They insisted they want to be like all the other nations because they were under attack. The Phoenician people (we know them as the Philistines), were really good at making weapons and would attack you where you had no defense. So as a protective measure, they wanted to build their nation like the other nations. As a protective measure. Not because they were seeking to disobey God, but they were seeking to defend themselves.

    When does our self-defense become disobedience? It’s when we implement something in place to protect us that actually keeps us from experiencing God’s presence with us.

    Watch Steven Furtick Sermon ”When God Leaves Out Details” and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

    Video Credit: Steven Furtick YouTube

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