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Pastor Stephanie Ike Sermon: Marked by Purpose

    Pastor Stephanie Ike Sermon Marked by Purpose : Pastor Stphanie ike of ONE has come up with this wonderful message titled titled “Marked by Purpose” . Be rest assured that this is a wonderful and insightful message you cannot afford to miss.

    Stephanie Ike who is a pastor of ONE (A Potters House Church) and a well known Bible Teacher has changed the lives of many people in and around the United States of America through her teachings and way of life. It should be recalled that pastor Stphanie Ike recently got engaged to the love of her heart whose details we are yet to know.


    She said she does not know if she is as equipped as she thought she was but God sent her today to bring a message that would bring restoration and resurrection inside of you. Pastor Stephanie said she is truly excited because she can see the fruit on the other side … the fruit of what God has purpose to do in your life. She can see a mirror just being presented before you that you will begin to see yourself not through a broken glass … not through a cracked mirror but you will see yourself the way God sees you.

    He knows everything about you, He knows every season that you would ever go through and He says my child I  am with you. Your life will not be marked by sorrow … your life will not be marked by tears … your life will not be marked by disappointment but your life will be marked by purpose it will be marked by His purpose.

    Kindly Watch and learn from this sermon by Pastor Stephanie Ike : “Marked by Purpose” and be rest assured that this is a semon worth your time and attention.

    Credit for Pastor Stephanie Ike Sermon Marked by Purpose: ONE Online YouTube 

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