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Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts: What To Do & How To Do It

    Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts What To Do & How To Do It – Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts , the daughter of the famous preacher, Bishop TD Jakes comes through with this new motivating message titled “What To Do & How To Do It” . Indeed,  it is a life changing and impactful message from the young preacher Sarah Jakes Roberts .

    The daughter of Bishop TD Jakes and Serita Jakes and the wife of Toure Roberts has transformed the lives of many women through her ‘Woman Evolve Podcast’ series and she remains committed and devoted to contribute more in the spiritual development of woman and the world at large.

    Asking everyone to let God be God, Sarah Jakes Roberts once took to Instagram to write:

    “You can’t hold other people hostage to your results. Just because you did it doesn’t mean that they can. God may have a different formula and destination for them than what God did for you.

    Give God room to be God in their life without you judging their effort. Cuz if we honest some of us barely made it to the other side of the mountain ourselves.

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    Listen, watch and learn from this Sarah jakes Roberts message and stay tuned as we continue to update you with messages and sermons from famous pastors, preachers and evangelists.

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