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Pastor Robert Morris’ Miraculous Recovery Journey After Surgery

    In a heartfelt Instagram update, Gateway Church’s senior pastor, Robert Morris, shared his journey of gradual recovery following his recent back surgery. He expressed deep appreciation to all those who have been praying for him, acknowledging their support in his healing process. Pastor Robert Morris revealed that while the recovery is taking time, he remains optimistic about the progress. Next week, he is set to begin routine physical therapy, which will aid in his overall healing and specifically address the bruising of his sciatic nerve. He requested continued prayers for his complete healing and expressed eagerness to return to @gatewaypeople in August.

    Earlier, on June 21, Pastor Robert Morris’s son, James Morris, who is also a pastor at Gateway Church, provided an update about his father’s condition. The surgery was necessitated by excruciating back pain caused by a herniated disc pressing against the sciatic nerve. Thankfully, the surgery was a success, and the sciatic nerve pain has been eliminated. Although there is some post-surgery discomfort, the total recovery time is estimated to be 6-8 weeks, and the pastor is expected to resume preaching in August, as planned.

    In this challenging time, the Morris family humbly requested prayers for Pastor Robert’s quick and painless healing process, restful sleep, and complete restoration. Their faith remains steadfast as they navigate this phase of recovery together.

    Showcasing his miraclulous and amazing recovery, Pastor Robert Morris took to instagram to share this picture :

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