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Pastor Robert Morris celebrates second chance to life

    Pastor Robert Morris recalling his  surviving of a terrible internal bleeding shortly after hernia surgery, took to social media to celebrate and express his gratitude towards his second chance to live.

    Recalling  the day he narrowly escaped death as a result of internal arterial bleeding experienced 6 days after a hernia surgery, the senior pastor of Gateway Church, Pastor Robert Morris rejoices on another opportunity granted him by God to live.

    Disclosing his appreciation of a second chance to live, Pastor Robert Morris on Saturday April 8 2023 , emphasized that 8th April 2023 marked 5 years since he survived  the incident. Ascribing his healing to God, Morris went on to express his gratitude. He appreciated God and all who contributed to his healing.

    In a twitter post by Pastor Morris, the senior pastor wrote :

    “Praise God for another year of life! Five years ago today, the Lord saved me from massive internal bleeding! Thanks be to God! I am forever grateful to everyone who prayed for me, the amazing first responders, and all the wonderful medical professionals. God is good” He wrote.

    In April 2018, 6 days after undergoing hernia surgery, Pastor Robert Morris was rushed to hospital in a helicopter as he was faced with a “life or death” situation. People had thought the medical emergency was related to the surgery he previously had. Conversely, Morris returned to the pulpit two months later to narrate otherwise.

    Morris on the pulpit disclosed how he had passed out twice in a day. It was until the second time that the paramedic declared his case emergency and at such, needed him to be transported by helicopter immediately. Morris however recalled as directed by the responder, saying goodbye to his family in the event he didn’t survive.

    Pastor Morris fortunately made it to the hospital to be confirmed having two torn arteries that have leaked enough blood to kill a person. Pastor Morris concluded his healing was “supernatural.” Recalling the doctors eventually saying “there’s no medical reason why you’re still alive today”.

    Kindly see the Instagram post by Pastor Robert Morris below;

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