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Message by Pastor Rick Renner : Friendship With the World

    Pastor Rick Renner Friendship With the World : Here comes a life changing message by Pastor Rick Renner titled “Friendship With the World” where he teaches that the Bible says God is against friendship with the world and went on to ask what is “friendship with the world”?

    Teaching about the word of God, Pastor Rick wrote on Instagram:

    “God’s Word brings a supernatural cleansing that washes your mind and emotions from the contamination of the world, the memories of past experiences, and the lies that the enemy has tried to sow into your brain.”

    It is also worthy of note that Rick Renner has transformed many lives across Israel and the United States of America through his teachings and lifestyle.

    Watch and learn from this message by Pastor Rick Renner “Friendship With the World” as we bring the latest messages from Pastors across the globe to you.

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