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Pastor Joseph Prince Sermon: How Much Longer, God?

    Pastor Joseph Prince Sermon How Much Longer God? Today pastor Joseph prince teaches us about delay’s from God, most times we pray to God and make requests but it seems like he is not listening or he does not want to grant our requests, even David once said “lord have you forgotten your mercies?” we ask why God is slow, but god we must look at the life of Abraham, God called Abraham and told him he will make him a great nation even though he did not have one child and Sarah was barren.

    Abraham waited for his manifestation, months after months and years after years Abraham waited for his Manifestation for a long time, during that time, others around him had children, the Philistines were having babies, even the Egyptians, some even had much more than twins but he who saw the lord in his glory and was promised nations had not seen his manifestation.

    It is important we are careful in times of our delay, because the devil will try to make us question God, your faith should be there type that says i know my God though he slay me like job, yet is shall trust him. if your faith in God is this strong, the devil will find another approach, he will make you feel like some thing is wrong with you or that you have committed a sin and you are no longer worthy of God’s gift.

    Pastor prince teaches us that most women in the bible who had some sort of delay to have children or get pregnant always brought forth champions. Abraham and Sarah must have been mocked countless number of times. god waited until Abraham could not wait and when Isaac came, all the glory went to God. when Abraham finally received his manifestation, God told him i will multiply your seed as the stars of heaven and the sand at the seashore and today, we are called the sons of Abraham. Sometimes, in the delays, there are revelations and because he loves us, he delays so that we can have a revelation that others do not have


    John 11:3-6


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