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Pastor Joseph Prince Sermon : An Easy Way To Get Started With Biblical Meditation

    Pastor Joseph Prince Sermon An Easy Way To Get Started With Biblical Meditation: The one thing that you do, that will cause you to prosper is to meditate! It’s not possible to be read your Bible or daily devotional, all day long But what you do is you take a bite-sized portion of your daily devotional and there’s a verse there, memorize it, and all day long, under your breath, mutter it. Because the word “meditate” here is the word “mutter.” Mutter means you speak to yourself.

    People will think I’m crazy! Does it really matter when crazy people think you are crazy? Does it really matter? Even Shakespeare calls it soliloquy, it’s normal a man talks to himself.

    Sometimes we worry that we do not know how to meditate, Do you know how to worry? Same principle applies, Worry is; you lie down there in your bed, you start to revolve your mind around: “Oh boy, the boss wants it by this coming Wednesday, and Today is Sunday, oh man it not going to be ready by that time.”

    You are revolving around your mind on the dark side. Listen, do not go to the dark side, you are meditating! So don’t say you do not know how to meditate, So instead of that, revolve your mind around Scripture, that you have memorized.

    People say “Pastor, I’m looking for this or that, My doctor says that I have a very unique disease, I am trying to find that in the Bible”. You don’t have to Just memorize verses like: “The Lord will take away

    from you all.” I think that includes yours “All sickness!” “The Lord will take”

    Just meditate on that when you bathe, under your breath, when you sleep at night, meditate on that instead of your thoughts, being terrifying thoughts as you lie down there, meditate on that. You might just wake up in the middle of the night and there are terrifying thoughts again, just quote that “The Lord will take away from you all sickness.”

    God’s Word in Proverbs 6 says, “When you walk, it shall lead you. God’s Word shall lead you, When you sleep, it shall keep you, When you wake, it shall talk with you”. So in the middle of the night,

    you wake up and you got bad thoughts about your family, or your future, whatever it is, Worrisome thoughts.

    Straight away, quote that verse. It is written: “The Lord will take away from you all sickness.”

    God wants you to meditate until you suck all the juice and the nutrients, out of God’s Word, as if you can do it completely. God’s Word is, inexhaustible.

    There’s just power in meditation, I don’t have time to read the Bible but I have time to read the 3 by 5 cards, It’s amazing the nutrients you get out of it. The strength, the perspective, the rest in place of worry, it comes about the more time we spend in the Word. So how do you spend time in the Word? You cannot be carrying your Bible the whole day, Chew on it, it has a prospering virtue, It has a healing virtue, It has a purifying virtue.

    Pastor Joseph Prince wants us to tap into the power God has given us in the bible; he wants us to understand that as long as you can worry, you can meditate.


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