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Pastor John Hagee Sunday Sermon: Proclaim Liberty

    Pastor John Hagee Sunday Sermon Proclaim Liberty – St. Paul shows us the way to a life liberty and pursuit of happiness and how we can bring it back to our personal life. the devil is the commander of evil forces and authorities.

    St. Paul is saying to the church that we are in a battle with satan who has a highly organised kingdom with demons here on earth controlling people. We are advised against occultism because it is a pathway to the devil’s kingdom and it will destroy our lives.

    The bible clearly teaches that Jesus has a kingdom and in his kingdom, there is no division. The devil also has a kingdom, a lot of people deny it but its true. There are two kingdoms, the kingdom of light which is led by Jesus himself and the kingdom of darkness which is led by satan.

    We must all ask ourselves which kingdom we belong to, everyone in the world belongs to one of the two kingdoms. What we do here on earth in prayers, determines what God can do in heaven, we must pray it through before it becomes a reality.

    Matthew 18 vs 18 says, “verily i say unto you, what you bind in this earth shall be bound in heave n and whatever you loose on earth shall be loose in heaven”. The point is the action in heaven is governed here on earth. , the will of God is found in the bible and if your will does not align with the word of God then you are falling apart.

    God will hear and answer our prayers, he will grant us our break through, but we have to make our move of faith first because nothing is impossible to those who trust in the Lord.



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