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Pastor Joel Osteen Sermon January 24 2022: Promotion In The Problem

    Pastor Joel Osteen Sermon January 24 2022 : The lead pastor of Lakewood church and husband of Victoria Osteen, Pastor Joel Osteen shares this sermon titled “Promotion In The Problem” on January 24 2022 where he teaches that every difficulty is a setup for God to do something new in your life. He said God may not have sent the trouble, but He knows how to use it to your advantage. Joel said you are going to come out stronger, promoted, better than you were before.

    Sometimes the promotion is you developed a greater trust in God, you learned that you can make it through things that you thought would take you under, you saw the faithfulness of God. You felt him sustaining you, strengthening you, making ways where you didn’t see a way.

    Your faith grew, your spiritual muscles got stronger, your character was developed every time you come through a challenge, that’s fuel for your faith. God is preparing you for greater things because the next time you face a problem like that, you’ll think, this is no big deal, I’ve seen God take me through this in the past and I know he will take me through it this time.

    Watch and  learn  and meditate on this sermon by Pastor Joel Osteen shared on January 24 2022: “Promotion In The Problem” and be assured that that the word of God contained herein will make a positive impact in your life. Keep tuned as we bring the latest sermons from Lakewood Church to you.

    Credit: Joel Osteen Ministries YouTube

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