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    PASTOR JOEL OSTEEN SERMON ITS PAYBACK TIMEPastor Joel Osteen says, I want to talk to you today about its payback time, we all go through unfair situations, we were overlooked for a promotion or came down with an illness or somebody walked out of a relationship, it’s easy to get discouraged and think that’s just life, a bad break, nothing I can do about it.

    You may not be able to but God can, he’s a God of justice, he has seen everything you’ve been through every person that did you wrong, every lonely night, every tear; he said in Hebrews I will repay the exact compensation owed you.

    It may not have been fair but don’t worry payback is coming, God is going to make up for the wrongs that were done to you, those people that put you at a disadvantage. Don’t live bitter, thinking you have to get even, it’s not your battle the battle is the lord’s, he knows what you’re owed, he’s keeping the records, he’ll not only take care of the opposition, he’ll make it up to you.

    You may have been raised in an unhealthy environment, nobody was there to make you feel encouraged, loved and valuable, it seems like that sets you back but people don’t determine your destiny, what you didn’t get, who wasn’t there for you is not going to keep you from your purpose.

    God sees how you were treated and he’s saying payback is coming, he’s going to show you favour because of what happened, the enemy meant it to stop you, God’s going to use it to increase you, he’s going to open new doors, bring opportunity, joy, fulfilment that you wouldn’t have seen, if that had not happened, instead of being discouraged, turn it around father, thank you that payback is coming.

    I know you’re on the throne, you’re fighting my battles, and you’re my vindicator because you honour God, because you’re keeping him first place, you have an advantage, you’re on his payroll now, quit living worried, thinking you’re falling behind, those people at work left you out, now you could never get to where you want to be, God is in control, one touch of his favour will catapult you ahead, he knows how to move the wrong people out of the way. They may be stopping you now but they’re not going to stop you your whole life, why payback is coming, keep doing the right thing when the wrong thing is happening, you are not working under people, you are working under God. When you know you’re on his payroll, you don’t get upset when unfair things happen.

    Discouraged because somebody is treating you badly or give up on a dream because you had a disappointment, you know payback is coming, here’s what I’ve learned, nobody can pay you back like God can pay you back, just ask the Israelites, they had been in slavery for 430 years one generation after another mistreated, forced to work long hours, given quotas that were impossible to meet.

    I’m sure they thought that was their destiny, that’s the way it’d be for their children, their grandchildren, it was just bad luck they were born at the wrong time, born into hardship, things may not change overnight but if you’ll stay in faith there will come a point where God will say enough is enough, its is payback time.


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