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Pastor Joel Osteen Sermon: Abiding Not Striving

    Pastor Joel Osteen Sermon Abiding Not Striving: it feels like all we ever do is strife in life we are always trying to do one thing or another, we are always trying to be better or or fix something, make our children better, make our businesses grow, it is either we trying to work harder for a good break or trying to force a door open, it generally feels like there is a war going on inside of us we have no rest or peace.

    Pastor Joel Osteen wants us to understand and remember that we were not created by God to live in that way.  in psalm 46 vs.10, God says, Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. god wants us to stop striving and start biding because as long as we keep striving, we are not going to see that he is God, we are not going to see his goodness and favour like we should.

    Its very freeing when you realise that you do not have to make everything happen, if we can put God first in every single thing we do, he will bring the good breaks to us, he will cause the right doors to open, he will send upon us healing and many more great things that are associated with placing God above every other thing in our lives.

    All striving does is take from us, it wears us out, it causes us to feel overwhelmed, keeps us up at night and many more negativities. Pastor Joel Osteen wants us to take the pressure of because we are not meant to fix everything, we cant make people do the right things or get our co-workers to like us or make our businesses grow.

    Our job is to be our best each day, honour God and he will make all our dreams that are in his good will for us come to pass, he will turn negative situations around for us. when we abide, there is a force that breathes in your direction, a favour that opens doors that you could not open so why should we keep striving when we can choose to abide?


    psalm 46 vs. 10

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