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Pastor Joel Osteen Sermon 22 September 2021: Unconditional Trust

    Pastor Joel Osteen Sermon 22 September 2021 Unconditional Trust:  Pastor Joel Osteen SermonUnconditional Trust: anyone can trust God, when things are going their way, when their kids are in good health and their family is together, but what happens when things are no longer going our way, when  things are not turning around for our good, when it seems like your prayers  are not being answered. too often, we get discouraged and begin to question God, we say to our selves that when everything we feel is wrong in our lives is better then we can be happier and have better character towards God and others.

    Pastor Joel Osteen tells us that it is defined as conditional trust when we  can only trust God only when he grants us our desires and demands. the problem with conditional trust is that there will always be things we do not understand. God always answers our prayers but sometimes its not in the way we expect or want. are you mature enough to accept God’s answers as they come even though they are not what you were hoping for?

    God is a sovereign God, we are not going to understand everything that happens, faith is trusting God when life does not make sense. There will always be unanswered question about our lives and life in general. Somethings are not going to make sense but God would not have allowed it if he did not  plan on bringing good out of it. God has our best interest at heart, it might not seem like it but God knows what he is doing. nothing that ever happens to us is random, everything that happens to us is a part of Gods Plan.

    Pastor Joel dares us to Trust in God. he says gods plan for our lives is bigger than we know, he knows us more than we know ourselves, but if we trust him even when we do not understand, he will never disappoint us, we will be amazed at the reward of unconditional trust in  God.


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