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Pastor Jentezen Franklin Sermons: This is Not Your Final Chapter

    Pastor Jentezen Franklin Sermons This is Not Your Final Chapter :God is still writing our story, he is not done with us. What he has ahead of us is greater than what is behind us. Ezra was a scribe, the job of a scribe is to record thing in writing, the record what the king says, or prophets says. the scribes were allowed to go to places others were not allowed to go to because they were needed for the recording then they will chronicle the recording.

    It was their job to record history. In the case of Mordecai, it was the scribe that read to the king on the day he had a sleepless night that made him aware of the fact that Mordecai had saved his life and his kingdom by warning the guards of an assassination plot. on that day the king asked if he had  been rewarded and when he knew that he had not been rewarded, he gave him his reward.

    It is important that we write down what God says to us when we read his words, whenever we hear from God, we must jot it down. it might be a preaching that connects personally with you, write it down and remind yourself constantly about it.

    We are to focus less on where we have been and more on where God is taking us both as individuals and as a church. Jesus in the bible said WO! unto the Pharisees and historians who think i am a God of yesterday. It can also be likened to those of us who can quote every verse of the bible but not believe.

    Pastor Jentezen Franklin advises us to  to believe and take a pen and write down that which we believe our lord is saying to us specifically.


    Jeremiah 26 vs 2, 22

    2nd corinthians 3:6


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