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Everything You Need To Know About Pastor Edwin Barry Young of Fellowship Church

    Pastor Edwin Barry Young Biography

    The Senior Pastor of Fellowship Church in the person of Edwin Barry, known as “Ed” Young is a man of many first.

    Edwin Barry “Ed” Young is the founding and senior pastor of Fellowship Church. He is a New York Times and Amazon Best-Selling author, with an international ministry that includes the televised broadcast, Ed Young Television, C3 Global, the C3 Conference, and Fellowship Live

    Pastor Edwin Barry Young

    Edwin Barry Young Age /Date of Birth /Birthday

    Pastor Edwin Barry Young was born on the 16th day of March, 1961. Pastor Edwin Young is the son of Pastor Homer Edwin Young and Jo Beth Young.

    Pastor Edwin Young was born in Camton, North Carolina and it is imperative to mention that Pastor Edwin Young, is the eldest child of Pastor Homer Edwin Young, the legend Pastor of the Second Baptist Church.

    Edwin Barry Young Educational Background

    Pastor Edwin Young attended the prestigious state the Florida State University, Tallahassee. Pastor Edwin Young equally played Basketball in Florida State University and which he was awarded a scholarship based on his dexterity in basketball.

    However, after Pastor Edwin Young second year at the Florida State University, Tallahassee, he proceeded to Baptist University of Houston, where he graduated and obtained his bachelor’s degree. Thereafter, he proceeded to Forth Worth Texas, to obtain his Masters of Divinity, from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

    It is instructive to mention, that Pastor Edwin Young was at the Second Baptist Church an associate Pastor, before proceeding to establish the Fellowship church

    Edwin Barry Young Wife

    Pastor Edwin Young is married to Lisa Young. Lisa young the wife of Pastor Edwin Young is ardent women leader that have impacted so much in the lives of women.

    Lisa Young being a dexterous and adroit speaker, has helped in tremendous way the women of Fellowship Church to add tremendous value to their values at Fellowship Church and all over the United States of America. Also Lisa Young is a talented writer and has plethora of books to her name and they are: Seven days to lasting intimacy with your spouse, the Creative marriage, Beauty Full and Kid CEO.

    Edwin Barry Young Ministry

    Pastor Edwin Young, started Fellowship Church in 1990 and it is imperative to state that the man of God started small. Pastor Edwin Young first started the Fellowship Church in a place that was on rent by the church and later the church progressed to Arts Centre.

    Furthermore, Pastor Edwin Young equally progressed to Irving’ s MacArthur High School to enable the rapidly growing congregants to be contained. The Irving’s MacArthur High School was used by Pastor Edwin Young, for a five weekend services and of which the congregants at those weekends were up to five thousand.

    In 1998, the Pastor Edwin Young’s Fellowship Church moved to their permanent site in 1998, at Grapevine Texas, on a land measuring 141 acres and which is approximately 0.57sq km

    Consequently, Pastor Edwin Young’s Fellowship Church started other branches of the church in 2003 and these locations were Forth Worth Texas and Plano. Pastor Edwin Young opened the third branch in 2005 in Dallas, Texas.

    Pastor Edwin Young’s Fellowship Church progressed to establishing another branch of the church in South Miami on May, 2006. Another branch was also opened in in 2017 at North Port Floida  and in quick succession, another branch was opened in Norman and which became Fellowship Church of Norman, in 2018.

    Edwin Barry Young Books

    Nevertheless, there are myriads of books that attributed to the name of Pastor Edwin Young’s Fellowship Church. As an accomplished author, he has written plethora of books such as: Sexexperiment, Outrageous, Fifty Shades of They, Contagious Joy, Beauty Full.

    It is imperative to mention that Pastor Edwin Young, is a renowned and acknowledged Amazon and New York times bestselling author, because of his finesse in writing.

    Also to the accomplishments of Pastor Edwin Young’s are world-wide known ministry that are C3 Global, the C3 Conference, Fellowship Live, Ed Young Television and televised broadcast.

    Interestingly, Pastor Edwin Young’s Fellowship Church organized  their first retreat and camp in Hawkins, Texas particularly at Allaso Ranch.

    There are cascades of influential people that have been hosted by Pastor Edwin Young, some of these guest are in the persons of: Willie and Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty, Rev Run, Marcus Luttrell, Oliver North, Ryan Tannehil, Tony Romo, Troy Aikman, Oliver North< Chris Kyle etc.

    Pastor Edwin Young’s Fellowship Church, aided the people of Haiti when earthquake struck the country, the Fellowship Church in alliance with C3 global sent relief materials, to ameliorate the pains of the people of Haiti.

    Till date the humanitarian work of Pastor Edwin Young’s Fellowship Church have not stopped in Haiti, because they provide c,lose to eleven million food to Haiti people.

    Pastor Edwin Young’s Fellowship Church in alliance with C3 Global organize a yearly retreat for the Gold star families and in addition with Mighty Warriors and most of the guests of honour of these programmes are people in the persons of Mike Hukabee, Gleen Beck and Rick Perry.

    Also, Pastor Edwin Young’s Fellowship Church in 2016, as a compassionate and humanitarian organization all ramifications and to win the souls of those behind bars, established the initial prison campus with God Behind Bars.

    Furthermore, Pastor Edwin Young’s Fellowship Church has also opened other two prison campuses. Also in the humanitarian ideology of the Fellowship Church, they were involved in sending relief materials to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

    The foremost religious programme to be aired on E- Channel was the Pastor Edwin Young’s Television programme. Pastor Edwin Young’s Fellowship Church television has also been featured in Roku, and Netflix.

    Finally, the net-worth of Pastor Edwin Young’s Fellowship Church is estimated to be at eleven million dollars.

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