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Pastor Dharius Daniels sermon: Take The Oil With You

    Pastor Dharius Daniels sermon Take The Oil With You: psalm 23 verse 5, this is what i want to read because this is what David says, he says you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies, you anoint my head with oil, my cup overflows.

    Pastor Dharius Daniels teaches us on the topic, take the oil with you take the oil with you, think the scriptures are clear, that the call of the Christian, result of spiritual formation of discipleship is that you have an altering impact on the world. Every Christian’s got two kinds of calls, you have which is a unique way in which god uses you uniquely and specifically, then there’s a universal calling meaning it this is the thing that god has called the whole body to and he has called all of us in some way to have an altering impact on the world.

    This was God’s mission which he revealed in john 3:16 for God so loved the world, that he gave not the value system of the world but the world itself, the people in it, he loved it so much he gave Jesus.

    Jesus was a response to God’s priority of changing the world, the coming, and the incarnation of Jesus is an indication of God’s intention to change the world. The word world changes is actually a proper description of a Christian who’s functioning the way God intended.

    It shouldn’t be an adjective used to describe people who are operating uniquely, it should be a term that’s used to describe people who are believers, followers of Jesus, who are actually living out God’s intention for their life. When you’re doing Christianity, the king’s way, the result of it is an altering impact in the world.

    However this can’t happen unless believers begin to evolve in their understanding of what it actually means to live on mission, we can’t do that until we get out of church. We can’t do that until we get out of church, Pastor Dharius Daniels says, I am not minimising the importance of the church, i love the church I’m a leader in the church I’m using my life to serve the church I am not de-prioritising the church what I’m trying to do is to attempt to get us to evolve our understanding of what it actually means to be the church.

    the majority of persons in scripture, who made world-changing impact were not people whose roles and responsibility was relegated to the church, Joseph changed the rejecter, the trajectory of an entire generation. he did not work in church, Daniel did not work in church, Nehemiah did not work in church, Shadrach Meshach and Abednego did not work in church but wherever they went, they took their oil with them.

    it is important that wherever we go, we take our oil with us because if we got authentic oil, if we have real oil, then your oil will work wherever you go, because the oil is for you to be the church, not just to have church I said the oil is to empower you to be the church not just have church.

    Pastor Dharius Joseph said, Joseph’s gift worked in jail, because he carried his oil along everywhere, we too must be like joseph, we must be the church.


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