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Pastor Craig Groeschel Sermon 2021 : Stop Being Offended

    Pastor Craig Groeschel Sermon Stop Being Offended: there are so many people who are easily offended today, often times, Christians can be some of the easily offended people. why do we think that Christians among other people are so easily offended among other people, pastor Craig Groeschel  tells us its because the reason is because we are disciples of Jesus and it is probably part of our Job to be offended.

    God called us as Christians and followers of Jesus to point out sins, to gripe about something in Culture, to angry and stand up for truth. if we really love Jesus, are we not called to be offended by sin and  injustice in the world?  no we were not.

    In our world today, so many people are so angry and there is so much hate in the world, so as disciples of christ, what should be our response to all this divisions?

    James 1:19 says, My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry” this is an instruction given to us in the bible and how well are we doing with it? when we look at how Jesus lived his life, we see that he lived a life similar to this, he was asked 183 questions directly and he answered 183 directly and he answered only 3 directly, he asked 307 questions in the bible, this is because he is other people focused, he was slow to speak and quick to listen. we are easily angered and  that is  not pleasing to God. How effective is your anger and how is it making your life better? does it make you more like our lord Jesus? this is the most important thing, its not about getting offended for christ its about asking yourself if you are following in the path of Christ and his foot step.

    Pastor Craig Groeschel recommended the book Unoffendable byBrant Hansen.


    James 1:19



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