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Pastor Charles Metcalf Sermon: Dessert In The Desert

    Pastor Charles Metcalf Sermon Dessert In The Desert : Here comes the latest 2022 new year sermon from the Transformation Church brought about by Pastor Charles Metcalf titled “Dessert In The Desert // You Can’t Take That To The Desert” which is a part of the new series “The Sauce”.

    In this sermon by pastor Metcalf, the Transformation church pastor stated inasmuch as Dessert is always good to you,  it’s not always good for you. It isn’t food, it’s pleasure. Charles went further to asked what kind of dessert are you holding onto? Gossip? Lust? Pride? He stated that when God wants to develop us, he doesn’t give us dessert but instead takes us to the desert.  This new year sermon by Pastor Metcalf is designed to guide us in evaluation what we take into the desert.

    It is recommended that you Watch, Listen and learn from this sermon by Pastor Charles Metcalf : “Dessert In The Desert” and remain tuned as we continue to update you with the latest sermons, devotionals and bible teachings from pastors and preachers around the world.

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