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Biography Of Pastor Brie Davis

    The number of gospel ministers has always increased due to diverse inspirations and revelations of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through this inspiration and revelation, one is passed the mantle of making the presence of God known to the world.

    Biography Of Pastor Brie Davis

    Pastor Brie Davis
    Pastor Brie Davis
    Background Information
    Full Name: Pastor Brie Davis
    Gender Female
    Place of Birth:
    Ethnicity: American
    Net Worth
    Occupation:  Pastor

    Pastor Brie Davis is one of the uniquely anointed ministers of God who currently serves at the Transformation Church (formerly Greenwood Christian Center). She is among the well-recognized individuals in the Transformation Church while holding the position of an “Executive Pastor.”


    Pastor Brie Davis’s age is yet to be disclosed.

    Early Life And Education

    Pastor Brie Davis was born in Springfield, Illinois, USA. She spent most of her childhood and teenage years in her hometown of Springfield. Pastor Brie Davis attended Springfield Southeast High School for her basic education.

    After that, she went to Oral Roberts University in Tusla, Oklahoma, where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Pastor Brie Davis later bagged a Master of Arts degree in Social Service Administration at the University of Illinois at Springfield.

    Personal Life

    Pastor Brie Davis is married to Aaron Davis.


    Pastor Brie Davis started her administrative career at Lincoln Land Community College, where she worked as an office assistant for some time. She later worked as a support specialist offering Family and Children’s Services before heading to Springfield Housing Authority and occupying the position of Social Service Interm/Property Manager.

    Despite focusing on building her career, Pastor Brie Davis has also been active in pastoral work and held the position of Ministry Co-ordinator since 2012 up until the date and predominantly works in Tusla, Oklahoma.

    Transformation Church

    Transformation Church is one of the top non-denominational churches in Oklahoma that seeks to unite believers under the word of God. Pastor Brie Davis has greatly impacted the church through her diligent services. She is among the executive staff responsible for the management of the church.

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