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Pastor Andy Wood: Biography, Age, Family Life, Ministry, And Net Worth

    Pastor Andy Wood Biography

    Pastor Andy Wood is an American preacher, motivational speaker and the currenty lead pastor of Echo.Church. He is the husband of stacie Wood and father of thrre children.

    Recently , Pastor Rick Warren announced his intention to handover the leadership of Saddleback church to Pastor Andy Wood. Thus, upon Rick Warren retirement,  Pastor Wood will likely become the lead pastor of Saddleback Church hopefully by September 12 2022. According to the transition plan announced by the church, Wood and his wife, Stacie, will be interviewed by Warren and his wife, Kay, during services at Saddleback June 19. The Woods will step down at Echo Church at the end of June and begin leading Saddleback on September 12.

    Picture Andy Wood Stacie Wood Rick Warren Kay Warren
    Picture Andy Wood, Stacie Wood, Rick Warren and Kay Warren

    Andy is passionate about training leaders, teaching God’s Word in relevant ways, and creating environments where those far from God come to know Him personally

    Pastor Andy Wood was born on June 16, 1981, in the United States of America. Information relating to the parents, siblings and childhood of Andy Wood is limited. However, we will keep scouting for more relevant information and will have the article updated as soon as any relevant information is diuscovered.

    Report had it that Andy is close to his father. This is shown from his frequent comments on Social media where he keeps thanking his father for being there for him.

    Pastor Andy Wood hobby during his childhood was sports particularly  wrestling and playing baseball before he decided to follow God’s call to ministry.

    Andy Wood Age

    Pastor Andy Wood was born on June 16, 1981. Accordingly, he is currently 41 years old (as of 16th June 2022)

    Andy Wood always celebrates his birthday on June 16 of every year.

    Celebrating Pastor Andy wood birthday on the 16th June 2022, his wife Stacie Wood took to instagram to write ;

    Happy Birthday to my favorite.

    I know you (better than anyone else).

    I see you (and all the things that no one else sees).

    I trust you completely.
    I respect you deeply.
    I believe in you wholeheartedly.

    You have the faith of Joshua & Caleb.

    You make everything around you better. Including me.

    I am so proud to get to stand by your side. You have my heart.

    Andy Wood Education

    Pastor Andy acquired master’s degree from Southwestern Theological Seminary. This is unfortunately the only information regarding the educational background of Pastor Andy wood of for now.

    Pastor Andy wood Family Life

    Pastor Andy Wood is happily  married to Stacie Cloud Wood who is also a teaching pastor at Echo.Church. Andy and Stacie got married to each other when they were both 21 and 20 years old respectively.

    Andy Wood and Stacie Wood picture
    Andy Wood and his wife Stacie Wood

    Their marimonial union has been with three children named; Caedmon (12 years old),  Sammy (11 years old)  and Karis (5 years old) as of 2022

    Pastor Wood Ministry

    Andy Wood is the Lead Pastor of Echo.Church formally known as South Bay Church which he co-founded with his  wife Stacie in 2009 with the help of two additional families.

    Andy and Stacie Wood founder

    In January of 2018, South Bay Church changed their name to Echo.Church. Echo.Church has grown to become one of the fastest-growing churches in America’s most unreligious neighborhoods, with over 2,600 regular attendees in four sites across Silicon Valley.

    Pastor Wood’s passion is to develop surroundings that engage the Bay Area’s unchurched population.
    Along with managing the church, he enjoys devoting time to assisting church planters and leaders in thinking more creatively and strategically about how to reach people in North America’s most underserved areas.
    He formed Frontline Coaching to assist him in this endeavor.

    Andy is enthusiastic about developing leaders, teaching God’s Word in practical ways, and establishing circumstances where individuals who are far from God can directly know Him.

    However,  Andy Wood is going to be stepping down as the lead pastor of Echo.Church by the end of June. He will be moving to the orange county to take over the leadership of Saddleback Church after Rick Warren’s retirement on the 12th day of September 2022.

    Andy Wood’s Allegation

    Following Wood’s appointment as Rick Warren’s replacement, a former staffer at Echo Church, which he now oversees, posted on social media regarding Wood’s leadership.

    Wood told Saddleback Church leaders about the claims made against him during his interviews and offered to provide them documentation of his encounter with the former staff member, according to church authorities.

    Following that, a search was conducted, which resulted in the church clearing pastor Wood of the claims.

    “Our elders have now received a preliminary second report from The Vanderbloemen Search Group, clearing Pastor Wood of all claims,” the Church wrote in a message to the congregation.

    According to,Saddleback Successor Cleared of Allegations of Overbearing Leadership. It was provided on the 13 June 2022 that leaders at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church say a preliminary investigation has cleared Warren’s recently announced successor, Andy Wood, of allegations of an authoritarian leadership style that demands unquestioning loyalty.


    Pastor Andy is a wonderful preacher of the gospel. He has remained absolutely committed in his effort to ensure spiritual growth and development of people worldwide thorugh his continuous spread of the gospel. One unique attribute of Pastor Andy wood sermon is that is it apt, realistic, highly inpsiring and insightful.

    Below are some of Andy Woods life changing, spirit lifting and inspiring sermons:

    1. Three Reasons To Keep Showing Up
    2. Disagreeing Without Dividing
    3. What Does The Bible Say About LGBT+
    4. Unshackled
    5. Open The Door
    6. What Am I Living For?
    7. How Do You Know God’s Will For Your Life?
    8. Audacious Prayers
    9. All The Feels
    10. Reframe Your Relationship

    Pastor Andy Wood Net Worth

    Information relationg to the exavct net worth of Andy Wood is currently not available. However, his major source of income is from his pastoral work as he is into full time ministry.

    Pasto Andy Wood Social Media Contacts

    You can follow pastor Andy Wood on the following social media platforms:

    Instagram: @pastorandywood

    Twitter: @AndyWood

    Facebook: @PastorAndyWood

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