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POWERFUL Easter Declaration by Pastor Alph Lukau

    Pastor Alph Lukau Easter message 2022: The senior pastor of Alluluia Ministries internation Pastor Alph Lukau has come through with this wonderful breakthrough declarations for this Easter.

    Don’t miss out on this powerful declarations . Declare them onto ypourself, believe them and it shall come to pass.


    I prophesy VICTORY over you
    Because Christ Won – you WIN and they lose
    There shall be a complete TURNAROUND in your life
    Your days of mourning have passed
    Your moment to ARISE and SHINE is NOW
    Angels are here for your cause
    May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be your portion

    May God do SOMETHING NEW in your life
    Something new in your health
    Something new in your children
    Something new in your finances
    Something new in your business/job
    Day TWO is bringing something NEW. Are you ready?

    I speak an uncommon blessing in your life.
    May every yoke of the enemy be broken
    May the eyes of God see you
    May the hand of God reach you in the name of Jesus
    May the goodness and the glory of God be your portion
    May what God began to do manifest in every area of your life
    May the absolute goodness of God be your experience
    Jesus, we seal what is ours
    Do it again for Your glory!

    The prophetic ESTABLISHES the will of God in your life. You cannot go back home the same way you came in.

    The prophetic word in your life will come to pass the devil-like it or not. I command the freedom of God to take over your life
    Jehovah says you have cried enough – you will cry no more
    I command the freedom of God to take over your life
    I speak the healing power of God into your body today

    May the peace of God that surpasses all understanding guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:6)


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