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Open Heaven Daily Devotional December 16 2023: John the Beloved.

    The theme for Open Heaven Daily Devotional December 16 2023 is John the Beloved

    SCRIPTURE: Now there was leaning on Jesus’ bosom one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved”. John 13:23

    Further into my study of how to become God’s favourite, I found that there was another disciple who also followed Jesus on the day He was crucified.

    It was this disciple that helped Peter access the courtyard as we see in John 18:15-16.

    This other disciple apparently was John the Beloved as he referred to himself in the third person all through his account of the gospel.

    When you read John 19:26-27, you will find that it was John who took the mother of Jesus into his own house.

    Anyone who looks after your mother must be very close to you.

    I’ve always said that when you describe somebody as a Christian fanatic, it simply means he loves the Lord more than you.

    In John 20:1-8, the Bible tells us that when they brought news to the Apostles that Jesus was risen, John was the first Apostle to get to the tomb.

    In John 13:21-26 when the disciples sought to know who would betray the Lord, Peter beckoned to John and told him to ask Jesus, because he knew that John was the closest to him.

    Thirteen people were at the table and two of them were speaking in codes the others could not understand.

    John was so close to Jesus that he could rest his head on His chest (John 13:23).

    In our Bible reading for today, we see that it is only John that Jesus trusted with the identity of who would betray Him.

    Jesus trusted John with His secrets.

    When God can trust you with His secrets, you become extremely close to Him. Jesus made John His confidant, that is why you find that in Revelation 1:1-20, it was John the Beloved whom Jesus chose to give the story of what will happen in the end times, Thousands of years ahead of his time.

    In Revelation 10:4, there are things Jesus revealed to John that He said were for his ears only.

    When you truly love God, you become willing to seek and fulfill His primary heart desire which is to bring souls into His Kingdom.


    Do you love God enough to place your head in His bosom?

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