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Friday powerful night prayer for thanksgiving and protection March 17 2023

    Night prayer for today Friday March 17 2023 : As we approach the end of this beautiful Friday night, it is important to take a moment to thank the Almighty God for His countless blessings and ask for His protection throughout the weekend. This prayer is dedicated to expressing gratitude for all the goodness that we have received in our lives and seeking divine protection for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world at large.

    Night prayer for today Friday March 17 2023

    Dear Heavenly Father,

    We come to you with humble hearts, filled with gratitude and thanksgiving for all the blessings that you have bestowed upon us. We are grateful for the gift of life, health, and prosperity that we enjoy every day. We thank you for the love, joy, and peace that you have given us and for the people you have placed in our lives who make our journey worthwhile.

    On this beautiful Friday night, we come to you seeking your divine protection. We pray that you keep us and our loved ones safe from all harm, danger, and evil. We ask that you surround us with your angels and shield us from any plan or plot of the enemy.

    We pray for your protection over our homes, our families, and our communities. We ask that you cover our cities and nations with your grace and mercy, and that your light shines upon every dark corner of the earth. Protect us from natural disasters, accidents, and any other calamity that may come our way.

    As we go into the weekend, we pray for your guidance and wisdom. Help us to make wise decisions, and let us be sensitive to your leading. Grant us the strength to resist temptation and to overcome any challenge that may come our way. We trust in your promise that you will never leave us nor forsake us.

    Father, we ask that you bless the works of our hands, and make our efforts fruitful. We pray for those who are struggling financially, emotionally, or physically. Touch them with your healing hand, and provide for their every need.

    As we come to the end of this day, we thank you for your faithfulness and for hearing our prayers. We know that you are a God who answers prayers, and we trust in your power to do mighty things in our lives.

    In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.


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