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Never Give Access To This Dangerous Spirit to Enter your life – Motivational talk today

    Motivational talk today 17 September 2021 –  God created us for great things, he wants us all to live and do all the amazing things he created us to do he wants us to live a life of worship, glory and sacrifice, he wants us to eliminate fear and be brave, braver than we as humans are expected to be, we have to remember that with God all things are possible and we have to ensure that fear does not run our lives as christians.

    We have been instructed not to be afraid, fear is mentioned in the bible over 600 times, God has taken his time to tell us to avoid fear because it is a big deal. God knows what fear does to the human mind, so his words are filled with words encouraging us not to be afraid.

    God tells us not to be afraid because he wants us to have faith in him, he gave this command to, Moses Abraham and David. the command to live without fear was given to Paul and it has been given to us. God tells  us not to fear because he is with us and his is always going to be with us, he will never let us go on a mission without his grace ahead of us. he wants us to live a life filled with joy and of purpose, he wants us to live life to its fullest.

    However, the devil wants us to live a small tiny and timid life, he wants us not to attain that joy that God has planned for us, so he uses the strategy of fear. he wants to spoil, the manifestation and glory of God’s grace in our lives whereas God wants us to live in courage and appreciation of his power.

    Do not be afraid does not translate to do not feel the feeling of fear, it does not also translate to do not feel the emotion of fear, fear not means do not give in to the spirit of fear.

    We motivated to pick up courage in the times of fear and remember always that our God is supreme.



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