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Matt Hagee-Kingdom Currency

    Matt Hagee Sermon Kingdom Currency : According to  Pastor Matt in this sermon ”Kingdom Currency”  in order for you to benefit from currency, you have to understand the value behind the currency. Does your behavior indicate that you have a grasp of Kingdom currency? Do you place what is important to God above what is important to you? God’s value system is far beyond our ability to ask or comprehend.

    This world operates on a system based upon supply and demand; and oftentimes there is a scarce supply which contributes to anxiety and chaos. But in the Kingdom of Heaven, there is more than enough through our all-sufficient God, el Shaddai. In this Kingdom, there is a God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills and He has promised to bless you with blessings you cannot contain.

    Watch and Listen to Matt Hagee Sermon Kingdom Currency and be inspired by same.

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