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Lisa Harper : Going Uphill To Get Unstuck

    Lisa Harper Sermon Going Uphill To Get Unstuck : The Crossroads Church shares this beautiful, inspiring and life changing sermon by Lisa Harper. Sometimes it feels like we’re going uphill to get unstuck. Today, guest speaker Lisa Harper teaches on how to thrive while getting unstuck.

    Lisa Harper’s sermon, “Going Uphill To Get Unstuck”, is a powerful and inspiring message about how to overcome the obstacles that life throws at us. Harper points out that life’s struggles can be difficult, but that the key to success is to keep pushing forward even when it seems impossible. She uses the story of the Israelites’ journey through the wilderness to illustrate the idea that, no matter what situation we find ourselves in, there is always a way forward.

    Harper emphasizes that, no matter how dark and dismal a situation may appear, it can be overcome if we have faith and determination. She explains that, when the Israelites were stuck in the desert, they had to keep going even when it seemed impossible. They had to keep trusting in God and pushing forward. Harper encourages her listeners to apply this same principle to their own lives. She reminds them that they have the power to choose how they will respond to difficult situations and that, by trusting in God and pushing forward, they can reach the heights of success.

    The sermon is an inspiring message of hope and encouragement. It reminds us that, no matter how tough life may be, there is always a way forward. It

    Lisa Harper Book: Going Uphill To Get Unstuck

    Lisa Harper is a nationally recognized speaker and author whose work focuses on helping people move away from stuckness and find the courage to start living the life they’ve always wanted. In Going Uphill To Get Unstuck, Lisa takes readers on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, teaching them how to identify and break through the barriers that are preventing them from realizing their true potential.

    In this book, Lisa offers a unique perspective on how to move forward when the going gets tough. She encourages readers to examine their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, and to recognize the patterns and stories that have kept them stuck. Through a series of exercises and journal prompts, Lisa helps readers recognize what’s holding them back, and provides tools and strategies to move through the obstacles and create a life of freedom and fulfilment.

    Going Uphill To Get Unstuck is an inspiring and practical guide that helps readers identify and move beyond the roadblocks in their lives. Lisa’s wisdom and insight will equip readers with the courage and confidence to make lasting changes and finally break free from their stuckness.

    Watch Lisa Harper’s Message Going Uphill To Get Unstuck

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