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Lakewood Church 11am Service | Joel Osteen & Sinach (11:30 am Service)

    Lakewood Church 11am Service Joel Osteen & Sinach 26 September 2021– As it happened today earlier in the 8am Service, so is it going to happen again if not more in this 11:30 am Lakewood Church service today 26 September 2021.

    It is going to be  another wonderful day in Lakewood Church today Sunday service with Joel Osteen, Victoria Osteen and Sinach.

    It is going to be an amazing Lakewood church Live service  as Joel and Victoria Osteen will share an inspirational message of hope along with prayer, and worship from the famous gospel singer SINACH and the Lakewood Worship team.

    God is bigger than anything you are facing. The reason you have big challenges is because you have a big future!

    Today in Lakewood Church, Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen shall be sharing a life changing sermon and wonderful prayers  that will make the Sunday service an amazing one, with Sinach giving it right in worships. It is going to be a full lively Lakewood Service with unique praises and Worship. Do not miss out on this unique Lakewood Sunday Service designed to make a remarkable impact in the lives of all Christian.

    Join us this weekend for an uplifting worship with special guest, Sinach (@TheRealSinach) and a faith filled message from Pastor Joel Osteen. We can’t wait to see you!

    SATURDAY 7PM CT (Rebroadcast Online)
    SUNDAY 8:30AM, 11AM CT (In-person & Online)
    SUNDAY 7PM CT (Online)

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