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KYRA CARTER Biography and Everything You Need To Know About Her

    Kyra Carter is the wife of the popular social media preacher and the senior pastor of the Royal City Church, Andrew F. Carter.

    She was once a Crime Scene Investigator for the Riverside Police Department in California.


    Kyra Carter was born, Kyra Lynn Vanderkrap. Information relationg to Kyra Carter’s parents and family are currently not available. Kyra is a citizen of America born in California. She is a fitness freak and doing exercise is part of her. Mrs Carter in her love for fitness and sports, once took class in kickboxing. She is just a fun-loving and an out-going type. Kyra became learned at a very young age and was able to get herself an apartment at 18 years old.  she also put herself through college.

    Kyra Carter Biography


    Information relation to the date of birth, birthday and the exact age of Kyra Carter is currently unknown. However, Kyra is in her late 20’s.


    We don’t have actual information about her educational background or where she studied. However we believed Kyra Carter is well learned and has passed through high school and college.  Kyra definitely have her degree certificate in Crime scene investigation.


    Kyra is married to the Senior Pastor of Royal City Church, Andrew F Carter. The two met on social media in the year 2020,   courted for some months and finally got married on the 1st of February 2021. There is however no verifiable information as to whether the couples have a child yet.



    Andrew F Carter who is the Lead Pastor of Royal City Church and the husband of Kyra Carter, was born on the 11th of August, 1984, in the United State and Kyra happens to be his second marriage. Andrew had earlier married his first wife of whom they both gave birth to three sons named Andrew Jr., Ezra, and Zavier before they divorced.

    Andrew F Carter’s  first wife ended their marriage when Carter went to jail. Kyra Carter’s husband Andrew is also a motivational speaker who posts on social media about topics relating to faith and fitness. He started a podcast called Coach Carter’s Motivational Moment.

    Carter has many followers on TikTok with his single post attracting about 9k viewers. Kyra and Andrew seem to have put God first for themselves and their relationship. The couple is connected through their similar background and the way they both center their lives on God and is truly inspiring.


    Kyra began her career as law enforcement personnel in California. She was working as the Crime Scene Investigator for the Riverside Police Department in California around 2011-2014. Meanwhile Kyra has always been a children minister for over 10 years. She love sharing the gospel to the young folks and it has been her passion from the very beginning. Kyra Carter is not just a wife to her husband but a supportive woman to her him.  She is a full time development specialist, working in Andrew Carter Ministry, coordinating children ministry as well as serving as  Media manager etc.

    Kyra Carter
    Kyra Carter


    Kyra Carter and  her husband Andrew Carter are the Senior Pastors of Royal City Church in Los Angeles. The couples just started the Royal City Church in Los Angeles, California, not too long ago. Kyra and Andrew also run a non-profit organization known as Andrew F Carter Ministries that help the needy around communities by providing them with food, giving financial assistance to orphans and the less-privileged ones within community.

    Kyra and Andrew Carter Royal City Church

    Kyra Carter and her husband Andrew have been relentlessly committed to ensuring that the gospel of the kingdom is preached and they have been utilizing the social media in spreading the message of the Gospel to ensure that everyone gains the salvation of Christ and be redeemed.

    Their 5 minute sermons and prayers are been shared on their TikTok and Instagram accounts. The couple also use the medium to speak and encourage others in their faith. Kyra Carter and her husband Pastor Andrew travel to other Churches and youth gathering to share the word of God and also their testimony to encourage believers in faith.


    Information relationg to the exact net worth of Kyra Carter is currently not available . However her major sources of income include  earnings from her pastoral work as the Co-pastor of Royal City Church.


    You can find and follow Kyra Carter on the following social media platforms

    Instagram: @kyralynncarter

    TikTok: @kyralynncarter

    YuoTube: Royal City Church

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