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Kenneth Copeland Devotional October 21 2021 – Covenant Prosperity

    Kenneth Copeland Devotional October 21 2021 

    Theme : Covenant Prosperity

    But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant. Deuteronomy 8:18

    What is God’s reason for prospering His people? Is it so we can watch bigger TVs? So we can buy finer houses and more luxurious cars?

    Establishing God’s covenant on the earth and giving to those in need: Those are God’s purposes for prosperity!

    I’ve had some people tell me, “Well, Brother Copeland, Jesus’ ministry was poor and He got along just fine.” That’s ridiculous. All the way through the Old Testament God promised material blessings to anyone who would walk perfectly and uprightly before Him. If God had failed to bless Jesus financially, He would have been breaking His own Word.

    Jesus never built a worldly empire for Himself. But that doesn’t mean He was poor. It means He was the greatest giver who ever walked the face of this earth—and it’s about time we started following in His footsteps.

    If we’ll start giving, if we’ll start taking care of the needs in people’s pocketbooks, we’ll be far more likely to win their hearts.

    What do you think will happen to the heart of a starving nation when you bring in a 747 full of food, clothes and medical supplies to them in the Name of Jesus and His love? The hearts of those people are going to soften! They’re going to be willing to listen to what we have to say about Jesus.

    Don’t you ever let anyone tell you it’s wrong to want to prosper. It’s wrong for you not to want to prosper when that prosperity can mean the difference between heaven and hell for millions of people.

    Forget about your own little needs. Raise your vision and set your mind on giving to meet someone else’s, on establishing God’s covenant in the earth. Then stand fast in faith and get ready to enjoy the greatest prosperity you’ve ever known.

    Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy 8:11-18 

    Credit: The above is Kenneth Copeland Devotional October 21 2021  as contained in his official website – Kenneth Copeland Ministries /


    About Kenneth Copeland

    Kenneth Max Copeland is an American televangelist and author associated with the charismatic movement.  He is the founder of  Kenneth Copeland Ministries which is  based in Tarrant County, Texas. Kenneth Copeland has reamained devoted and relentless in his work towards the spread of the gospel.

    Copeland’s sermons are broadcast across the US and worldwide on the Victory Channel. 

    Copeland date of birth is 6th December 1936.

    Kenneth Copeland has been married to 3 different wives at different intervals , namely Gloria Copeland (m. 1963), Cynthia Davis (m. 1958–1961), Ivy Bodiford (m. 1955–1958)

    Kenneth Copeland Children: Kellie Copeland Swisher, Terri Pearsons, John Copeland.
    Kenneth Copeland parents are Aubrey Wayne Copeland, Vinita Pearl Owens.
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