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KAY WARREN : Biography, Age, Family, Career, Books, Career, Net worth etc

    Kay Warren is an American Preacher, a Co-founder of Saddleback church, an International Speaker and a Best Selling Author. She is the wife of the famous pastor and founder of Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren.


    Kay Warren formally known as Elizabeth Kay Lewis is the wife of the famous pastors and founder of American Non- denominational mega Church, Saddlebck church, in the person of Pastor Rick Warren. She is an American Preacher, a Co-founder of Saddleback church, an International Speaker and a Best Selling author. She was born on the 9th of February, 1954.

    Kay Warren Biography

    Kay was born in San Diego California to American parents,  Reverend B. LaVern (father) and Bobbie Lewise her mother. Kay Warren grew up in a very strong religious home where believing in the word of God and the teaching of Christ has become her way of life.

    Kay got married to her husband Pastor Rick Warren who was a young minister then on the 21, of June, 1975.  She got married to Rick before graduating from University in 1976. The couple had planned to set up a church where people who are frustrated, depressed and stagnated can come and find love and refuge. In 1980 Pastor Rick and Kay warren started the Saddleback Church that began as a Bible study group with just seven members.


    Mrs. Warren was born on the 9th of February 1954, in San Diego, California. Accordingly, Kay Warren is 68 years Old (2022).

    Rick Warren’s wife Kay marks her birthday on the 9th day of February every year.


    Kay was born to American parents, Reverend B. LaVern her father and Bobbie Lewis her mother, they all held from Southern California USA. Her father was also a Minister of God. Key also has a younger brother name Andrew.


    Kay Warren attended California Baptist College (now California State University) in Riverside, California. She also acquired her Bachelor Degree in Art, at California State University, Los Angeles in 1976.


    Kay Warren is happily married to her supportive and loving husband , pastor Rick Warren. The couples got married on the 21st of June 1975. They got married even before Kay graduated from University. Their union is blessed with three children: Amy Warren Hilliker born 1979, Joshua Warren born 1981, and Mathew Warren born (18th of July 1985 – 5th of April 2013). Their last born Mathew committed suicide.

    Kay Warren Son Joshua Warren
    Kay Warren and her Son Joshua Warren


    Kay Warren Daughter Rebecca Warren
    Kay Warren and
    Daughter Rebecca


    Kay warrenn Son Mathew


    Pastor Kay Warren is the Co-founder of Saddleback Church. In 1980, Kay along with her husband Rick Warren started Saddleback Church, a group that began as a Bible study with seven members on a Easter Sunday of the same year.

    Saddleback Church is an Extension of Baptist Evangelical Church that is affiliated with the southern Baptist Convention. It was first called “Valley Community Church”. Saddleback Church is now one of the largest mega-churches, serving over 200 ministers both in the United State and Internationally.

    Kay Warren along with her husband had passion to have a Church where people that are poor, depressed, and stagnated can come and receive refuge. At age 49 Kay was diagnosed with breast cancer and a few years of her faith and trust in God, she was able to overcome and survived the cancer.

    she used her circumstance as a beacon of reaching others. In July 2011, Key held a bible study which was attended by over five thousand woman over the span of four weeks. The bible study led to her writing “Choose Joy: Because Happiness isn’t enough”.

    After loosing her younger child Mathew to death by suicide at age of 27 on 6th of April, 2013,  Kay and her husband Rick Warren were hit and devastated which made them to become Advocates in the fight against mental illness, depression and the stigma that is often associated with them, especially in the Church.

    In 2004, Kay Warren also started advocating for HIV/AIDS . She has established many initiatives in the fight for preventing and treatment both in the United State as well as overseas. Kay warren has been preaching and ministering for over 40 years now and has travelled to over 19 countries to advocate for orphans and vulnerable children left behind. The Saddleback Church has in attendance over 22,000 members with different people all over the world.


    Aside being a preacher, Kay warren is a renowned author with many books to her credit.  Kay Warren is a bestselling Author. She published her first book in in 2004, “Foundation: 11 Core Truth to Build Your Life On”,

    Other books by Kay Warren include :

    • Choose Joy: Because Happiness Isn’t Enough

    • Choose Joy Women’s Devotional: Finding Joy No Matter What You’re Going Through

    • Dangerous Surrender
    • Choose Joy Women’s Study Guide
    • Sacred Privilege
    • Say Yes To God
    • Joy Is A Choice You Can Make Today
    • The End Of Reason
    • The Symbolism of Subordination

    In addition she has co-authored the following books:

    • The Afterlife
    • Foundations: 11 Core Truths to Build Your Life On

    • The Second Coming: 11 Core Truths to Build Your Life On

    • The Creation Study Guide: 11 Core Truths to Build Your Life On

    • Sanctification
    • The Second Coming
    • Jesus
    • The Holy Spirit
    • Salvation
    • The Church
    • God


    Some of Kay Warren’s insightful and inspiring sermons include;

    • Peace For Everyone
    • Choose Joy
    • When Your World Collapses
    • Treasures of Darkness
    • Learning To See Your Blind Spots
    • Finding Hope Again
    • How To Be The G.O.A.T
    • Facing Darkness, Finding Hope



    Kay Warren net-worth is estimated to be around 1.5 million US Dollars. Her main source of income is through her pastoral work and also her books published.


    You can find and follow Kay Warren on the following social media platforms:

    Twitter: @kaywarren1

    Instagram: @kaywareen75

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