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Karolyne Roberts: How to Make Anointing Oil

    Karolyne Roberts How to Make Anointing Oil : Karolyne Roberts shares this session titled “How to Make Anointing Oil | Anointing Oil Prayer and Instructions” and it is a session you will really love to watch considering its educative nature.

    According to Karolyne Roberts , when praying in your home, a blessed oil is useful . It can be used for purposes of praying, for healing purposes, praying for deliverance and many other ways. According to her, the importance of blessed oil can never be over emphasized.

    Karolyne said she was selling anointing oils but then she realized that a lot of people were buying the the oil over and over and over again and she decided to make this video on how to make anointing oil. Her intention was that after watching this video, people can comfortably make their own annointing oil and also learn and understand the importance of annointing oil.

    According to her,  ”she is out to help people grow spiritually to the point where you can be independent in so many areas, where you learn how to go to the throne of God for yourself where you don’t always need her to lead you and guide you and hold your hand.

    She further stated that it is important  you  learn how to make your own oil because she feels like we’re coming into a time especially because we’re in the last days where you can’t just be relying on someone else to give you an oil or relying on someone else to give you a word from God.

    Karolyne Roberts is someone that believes more in developing and building others to be independent. This video session ”how to make annointing oil” is born out of her desire to see others independent.

    Watch and learn from this YouTube session with Karolyne Roberts: “How to Make Anointing Oil” as we bring the latest messages from Karolyne Roberts to you.

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