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Joyce Meyer Sunday Devotional February 27 2022 : Give Until It Hurts

    Joyce Meyer Sunday Devotional February 27 2022 : 


    Being generous is important to God. We should give and give a lot. And I’m not just talking about giving money.

    There are various levels of giving, and some are less painful than others. One way to be a giver is to use your material possessions to be a blessing. Giving away things you no longer want or use is good, but you should also give away new things.

    If you know someone who has been through a difficult time, go shopping for that person. Look for that special gift that seems just right. It will take time, and for busy people that is painful, but it is good to stretch yourself in new areas.

    Sometimes you may need to give away one of your favorite possessions—and that can be painful. But it is good to get out of your comfort zone and give until it hurts. Jesus gave His all on the cross for your sins. Surely you can endure giving up mere worldly possessions.

    Be generous with your time, your talents and yes, your things. God will bless you for it if you do it with a pure motive, and you’ll feel good about yourself for being obedient. That’s a win-win!

    Prayer Starter: Lord, I want to be generous. I want to be a giver. Please help me to see and recognize ways I can give to others every day.


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