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Joyce Meyer Sermon: When You Lean On God You Take The Pressure Off Yourself

    Joyce Meyer Sermon When You Lean On God You Take The Pressure Off Yourself: If we can ever understand how valuable faith is, faith creates things and it changes things, that is it moves mountains and it solves problems, the Bible teaches us in Romans 12, that unto every man, is given the measure of God’s faith and actually if you go ahead and study that, then you will see that, God gives the measure of his faith for each one of us to do what he’s asked us to do in life because Jesus didn’t die so we could all struggle, he didn’t die so we could just have this hard life and just struggle and be frustrated all the time and he specially doesn’t want us to struggle trying to make the Christian life work.

    So he gives us faith. Faith is a word that we throw around a lot as Christians and even maybe sometimes, we have heard so much about faith it didn’t feel that exciting.

    We just need to keep relearning and understand how important just that little simple childlike faith is to this whole walk with God and how important it is to peace, to righteousness, it’s amazing the problems that are solved the moment that you decide to trust God in everything.

    Unto every man is given the measure of faith, so don’t even try to say, I wish I had faith, you have faith, if you did not have faith, you wouldn’t have come here, it’s amazing how much faith we use every single solitary day and why we have such a hard time putting faith in God.

    It is very interesting every time you sit in the chair, you have faith that’s going to hold you up, I had the faith that if I put all my stuff on this podium that it would hold it up, you operate in faith all the time every time, you got in traffic in your car you better be in faith every time, you send one of your teenagers off to school you better be in faith, so we do have faith. Joyce Meyer says, I’ve been doing quite a bit of study on faith again in the last few months and I think, really there’s certain foundational subject that we have to study and refresh ourselves. All the time, Paul never got tired of telling the people the same thing over and over again because it rekindled their faith and stirred them up in faith in those areas.

    Joyce Meyer talks to us about not just having faith, every person has faith but she talks to us about releasing our faith because faith is a powerful force that changes things, it does things. Faith is the only thing that can cause you to enter the rest of God which is the absolute most glorious place to be because you don’t have to try to figure stuff out, you don’t have to try to change things that you’ve already tried a million times to change and the more you try to change the more frustrated it makes you because you can just finally say, well God I’m trusting you with this and if you can’t change it then I guess they don’t need to be changed.




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