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Joyce Meyer Sermon: Staying Strong

    Joyce Meyer Sermon Staying Strong: Joyce Meyer says one of her great dreams is to finish her race, she says she does not even know how to tell us how important that is to her, that this has been a long journey for her and she has been teaching the word 42 years and She really hopes and prays is a great desire that she is able to do so and correctly till God calls her home.

    Joyce Meyer says that in order to do that, she has to do a whole bunch of stuff behind the scenes, to stay strong, it takes time, it takes effort sometimes, it takes money, sometimes it’s inconvenient but you see we’re very bad at wanting, something over here on this end, but not wanting to do what it takes to get it she asks us a question, are we gamblers or investors?

    you know what a person who kind of has a gambling spirit does and not even necessarily about the casino type thing, she is talking about us, you kind of just don’t do the right thing and kind of, sort of hope you get by with it but the bible says, that we reap what we sow and so we need to start doing a whole lot more maintenance and instead of just waiting until we have a major disaster in life and trying to quick get strong.


    let’s talk this morning about staying strong, let’s talk about doing what we need to do when there is no emergency, but it’s just wisdom to do it and then you know what? we’re going to have a lot less emergencies and to be honest with you it’s going to be a lot less painful and in the long run, it’s going to take a lot less time to deal with things a little bit at a time than it will.

    She said, I didn’t take care of my teeth, for a long time part of it was we didn’t have the money, but then part of it was, I just didn’t want to do what you need to do, when you need to do it and even now I’m one of those kind of people that get a lot of plaque on my teeth, they want me to come get my teeth cleaned every four months, I don’t want to get my teeth cleaned every four months. I mean I’d be happy to go once every two or three years but here’s the thing, if I wait even seven or eight months, when I go to get my teeth cleaned it really hurts because they have to really dig around to get the plaque off if i go every four months doesn’t hurt at all.

    well this is sure a lot of practical stuff, i came to get a word from God and you’re talking about my teeth my colonoscopy and you know what, that’s what’s wrong today sometimes we go to church and everything is just so spiritual that we go out we don’t know how to live practical everyday life.

    staying strong proverbs 18:14. great scripture the strong spirit of a man will sustain him in bodily pain and trouble but a weak and a broken spirit, who can raise it up or who can bear it, if we stay strong spiritually then really no matter what comes against us, we will make it through. that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy that doesn’t mean there’s going to be no, pain involved but truly truly, we can do all things through Christ who is our strength.

    yes you can make it through whatever, you’re going through right now and you know what, you can get so strong in spirit that you can be going through really really difficult things and while you are you’re still reaching out and helping other people and they don’t even know what you’re going through.

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