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Joyce Meyer Sermon: Soul Control.

    Joyce Meyer Sermon Soul Control: Feeling impatient is not a sin, it’s being impatient, actually God Is proud of us when we feel impatient and we use self-control, because we love him. in other words because we love him, we want to represent him well, so we no longer have the luxury of doing what we feel like doing all the time. we have to learn that just because i feel something doesn’t mean I have to do it.

    We have to learn to own our feelings and not let them on us, so it’s good to know that just because you feel angry, feeling angry is not a sin it’s staying angry and acting on that anger that becomes the sin.

    The bible says when you’re angry, not if you get angry, when you’re angry do not let the sun go down on your anger, in other words, when you feel angry work through it with God and get the thing over with so you can go to bed in peace.

    People groan when they hear the word discipline and self-control, Joyce Meyer teaches us tonight on discipline, discipline is not your enemy, discipline is your friend because discipline is given to us by God to help us be what we want, to do be do what we say we want to do and have what we say.

    We want to have but never will have unless we operate in self-control, there’s a whole list of the fruit of the spirit in Galatians 5. but the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, humility and self-control.

    Self-control is at the end because it holds all the others in place. how can we walk in love if we have no self-control, because we are going to run into days when we just flat out don’t feel like loving and we going to run into some people that aren’t really very lovable and how can we always be kind and how can we always be humble, it is only through self-control.

    Don’t ever say i just don’t have any self-control, if I eat one cookie I have to eat the whole bag, that’s just a little bit dumb, you are born again full of the holy ghost you have authority over the devil and you can’t take authority over a cookie? you can do all things through Christ, who is your strength and one of the first things that we have to do is stop saying it’s too hard.

    You have to develop the fruit of the spirit, we develop abilities and things are developed through exercise so that’s why we pray for patience God has got to give us a reason to have to be patient because, we can never develop greater patience if we do not practice.

    We must understand that when we pray for patience we will get an opportunity to have to be patient, if you pray to love everybody, you are going to get some unlovable people, you know we pray all these spiritual prayers and we feel so holy about ourselves, oh lord i just want to do your will and live a sacrificial life and just so you know, I surrender everything to you God and I want to be patient and I want to love everybody after such beautiful prayers we must expect situations to arise where we will be given the opportunity to get all we have requested, that show it works.

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