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Joyce Meyer Sermon Right and Wrong Mindsets

    Joyce Meyer Sermon Right and Wrong Mindsets: Do you ever feel like you’re stuck with the same problems day after day, many of us live our lives focused on the negative things rather than the good things around us and God’s promises for us?


    When we only dwell on the negative, those thoughts can hinder us from what God has provided for us. in this series Joyce Meyer teaches on the importance of realising how much our thoughts affect our actions, attitudes and moods


    You need to start thinking and saying the right thing, before the right thing happens to you, you need to be willing to say and think the right thing, before the right thing starts happening to you. You’re calling those things that be not as though they are romans 4:17 says we serve a God who calls things that are not as if they already existed.


    If God can do it, it’s okay if we do it David said in psalm 27, what would have become of me had I not believed that i would see the lord’s goodness in the land of the living?


    What would have become of me had i not believed, that i would see good things when i go to heaven. we’re going to see good things when we go to heaven but according to this scripture we don’t have to wait till we get to heaven, he said, i believe that i would see good things in the land of the living. I am going to see good things while I am alive, I am going to see my kids have a good life while i can watch them enjoy it.


    Let’s just take a little peek at the Israelites attitude and if this fits any of you, you can just have it for free. She said I read three groups of scriptures, things that the Israelites said and it was all they always did, when things got a little tough, that’s why Joyce Meyer says we need to be a little stronger, we need to be ready for a few hard things and not fall apart every time. Things don’t just work out the way we want them to work out.


    Today if a teenager gets insulted by another person in school they think they’re being bullied now you know there’s genuine bullying that’s going on and that’s wrong and but every time somebody hurts your feelings, I mean I had people in school who didn’t like me i had people that talked about me I survived.


    There is no denying that these things happen but it’s almost like too many people today are on this their soap box all the time constantly murmuring about what they deserve and what they should have and you know what, here’s the bottom line we deserve to die and go to hell, we don’t deserve anything except for the grace and the mercy of God.


    We got to be careful of as believers that we don’t get sucked up into that culture of thinking that we deserve everything and everything should be handed to us




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