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Joyce Meyer Sermon Right and Wrong Mindsets Part 3

    Joyce Meyer Sermon Right and Wrong Mindsets Part 3: Do you ever feel like you’re stuck with the same problems day after day, many of us live our lives focused on the negative things, rather than the good things around God’s promises and us for us?

    When we only dwell on the negative, those thoughts can hinder us from what God has provided for us. In this series Joyce teaches on the importance of realizing how much our thoughts affect our actions attitudes and moods

    First Corinthians 10: 9-11 it says, we must not put Christ to The test as some of them did, he’s talking about the Israelites. When they were in the wilderness, who were destroyed by serpents nor should we grumble as some of them did and were destroyed by the destroyer.

    This is telling us that one of the reasons that they had so much trouble out in the wilderness, it was because of their incessant complaining, they even complained about the miracle bread that was being rained out of the sky every day.

    Now, these things happen to them as an example and they were written down for our instruction, on which the end of the ages has come, everybody suffers but you will be delivered and God will not be late. First peter 5:9-10 says resist him being the devil, stay firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of sufferings are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world and after you’ve suffered a little while the God of all grace who has called you to his own eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore confirm strengthen and establish you.

    It’s just a little while you say, it will just be a little while longer, you know why? Everything here is a little while compared to eternity; everything we go through here is just a little while.

    Joyce Meyer says you have to be older to get this, but maybe some of you that are a little more mature like me, now I’m not talking about spiritually I’m talking about in age you know I’m wise enough to realize that I mean if I live to be 90 I’ve only got 15 years left now what am I going to do with those 15 years well I’m not going to go sit in a rocking chair somewhere people ask me all the time, well do you plan to retire, no I don’t plan to retire, but what else do I have to do with myself and I’ll tell you one thing that I’m finding more and more I’m really starting to look forward to going to heaven now

    That’s not like that’s not a death wish but you know the more you’re here, the more you realize how useless here is, we think if I can just get a new car, if I can just get a new house, if I could just get a man, if i could just get a woman, oh I’ll be happy, I’ll be happy if I just didn’t have all this debt it’s always if

    You know what, none of us are ever going to be fully happy until we get to the place that we belong, which is with God, but we can be happy enough if we learn to be contented and happy with all that we have and keep a happy attitude towards everything.

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