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Joyce Meyer Sermon : Life Is What You Make It – Pt 1

    Joyce Meyer Sermon : Life Is What You Make It – Pt 1 : Here is today’s episode of Enjoying Everyday Life by Joyce Meyer titled ‘‘Life is what you make of it”.

    The Bible tells us plainly that God wants us to have and enjoy a good life. Today on Enjoying Everyday Life, Joyce Meyer teaches out of John 10:10. Don’t miss this important message on how to enjoy your life.

    When you stop running, when you deal with things that you’ve pushed down, when you get honest with yourself and make things right, the grace of God goes before you. God will soften people’s hearts. He’ll make your crooked places straight.

    Stay in faith, don’t get stuck in blame, what wasn’t fair, who hurt you. Let it go. That did not stop your destiny. God is taking you to an abundant place, to something bigger than you’ve ever imagined.

    God will never let something be taken away unless He has something greater coming. Will you let it go so you can come into a bigger blessing?

    Quit trying to hold on to things where you don’t have the favor, the support, the blessing that you’re used to. That’s a sign seasons are changing. You’re not being weak by walking away. It takes a strong person to end the fight and take the high road.

    Keep doing the right thing when the wrong thing happens. Keep taking the high road. Keep believing, keep praying, keep trusting. God is still ordering your steps.

    Watch Joyce Meyer’s Enjoying Everyday Life teaching below :

    Video credit : Joyce Meyer Ministries Youtube

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