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Joyce Meyer Sermon : Keeping God First

    Joyce Meyer Sermon: Keeping God First : The founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Joyce Meyer has come through with another educative sermon titled ”Keeping God first”  and it is an inspiring and life changing message. This new sermon by Joyce Meyer is an episode of Joyce Meyer’s Enjoying Everyday Life.

    On this episode of Enjoying Everyday Life, Joyce Meyer shares practical ways to keep God first in your life. Learn to put His will first, plus other important “firsts” found in the Bible.

    God has got a good plan for you, and there’s nothing in your past that can prevent you from having a good life, if you will really learn how to believe what God says about you.

    It’s time to give God the hurts of your past and let Him give you the healing and restoration you’re longing for.

    The proper time for things is God’s time, not ours. We are usually in a hurry, but God never is. We are often impatient and ready for everything to happen right now, but God, in His wisdom, prepares us first for what He wants to do in our lives, and preparation takes time.

    Kindly watch this inspiring sermon by Joyce Meyer ”Keeping God first” and as you do so, may God give you the grace to hear and understand his words and to put them into practice.

    Watch Joyce Meyer’s sermon below 

    Video credit : Joyce Meyer Youtube.


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