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Joyce Meyer Sermon : How To Die To Self

    Joyce Meyer Sermon How To Die To Self : In the journey of personal growth and spiritual development, one of the most transformative lessons we can learn is how to die to self. Renowned speaker and author Joyce Meyer explores this profound concept in her inspiring sermon, guiding listeners on a path towards true freedom, purpose, and spiritual abundance. In this blog post, we will delve into the key insights from Joyce Meyer’s sermon, unraveling the process of dying to self and its profound impact on our lives.

    Understanding the Concept of Dying to Self:

    Joyce Meyer begins her sermon by explaining the meaning behind “dying to self.” It involves surrendering our self-centered desires, ego, and personal agendas to align our lives with God’s will and purpose. Dying to self requires a willingness to let go of our own desires and seek God’s guidance in every aspect of our lives.

    Recognizing the Source of Selfishness:

    Meyer highlights that selfishness and self-centeredness are at the root of many of our struggles and conflicts. She encourages her listeners to examine their hearts and identify areas where selfishness may be hindering their spiritual growth and relationships. By recognizing the source of self-centeredness, we can take intentional steps to break free from its grasp.

    Embracing Selflessness and Sacrifice:

    To die to self, Meyer emphasizes the importance of embracing selflessness and sacrificial love. She reminds her audience that Jesus serves as the ultimate example of selflessness, willingly sacrificing Himself for the salvation of humanity. Meyer encourages her listeners to follow in His footsteps, seeking opportunities to serve others, putting their needs before our own, and practicing acts of kindness and compassion.

    Renewing the Mind:

    Another critical aspect of dying to self, as Joyce Meyer explains, is the transformation of our thought patterns. She highlights the significance of renewing our minds by aligning our thoughts with God’s truth and wisdom. By immersing ourselves in Scripture, prayer, and cultivating a closer relationship with God, we can begin to dismantle the self-centered thoughts that hold us captive and replace them with God’s perspective.

    Surrendering Control to God:

    In her sermon, Meyer emphasizes the necessity of surrendering control to God. Dying to self requires letting go of our need for control and trusting in God’s guidance and provision. She encourages her audience to relinquish their worries, anxieties, and desires to God, acknowledging that His plans are far greater than anything we could orchestrate on our own.

    Embracing a Life of Purpose:

    As we learn to die to self, Meyer assures her listeners that they will discover a life of greater purpose and fulfillment. By surrendering our own desires and aligning ourselves with God’s will, we open the door to experiencing the true joy and abundance that comes from living a purpose-driven life. She reminds her audience that dying to self is not a one-time event but a continual process of growth and transformation.


    Joyce Meyer’s sermon on “How to Die to Self” serves as a powerful guide for those seeking a deeper connection with God and a more fulfilling life. By understanding the concept of dying to self, embracing selflessness and sacrifice, renewing the mind, surrendering control to God, and living a purpose-driven life, we can experience true freedom and spiritual abundance. As we embark on this transformative journey, may we find the courage to release our self-centered desires and align our lives with God’s perfect plan, ultimately discovering a life filled with joy, peace, and purpose.

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