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Joyce Meyer Sermon: Hello Could I Speak To God Please

    Joyce Meyer Sermon Hello Could I Speak To God Please: Being led by the Spirit is one of the greatest benefits of being a new covenant believer, other than just your salvation and knowing that your sins are forgiven, that you’re going to go to heaven and live eternally with God.

    It’s a wonderful thing to have this privilege, having been led by the Spirit; every believer can hear from God, every believer has the privilege of being led by the Spirit. That means that you really don’t have to run around and ask other people all the time what you should do in situations.

    God will show you what to do. But you know what, in order to be led by the Spirit, you’ve got to have a little confidence and you’ve got to have a little bit of courage and a little bit of boldness because sometimes it a little bit scary, until you get experience stepping out into things, that the only proof that you have of whether or not you’re right, is what you sense in your heart and what you think in your mind.

    We would much rather want to be able to just go to our hotline to heaven, dial-up God, Could I to speak to God please? Oh God, so good to talk to you. This is Joyce down here on Earth. Listen; um I need to know what you want me to do in this situation?

    Everybody wants to know how to hear from God, Well you know it would be nice if we could just pick up the hotline to heaven and make a phone call, You know I just say to the Lord sometimes, “If You would just come and sit down here,

    Just five minutes we could get my whole deal straightened out here. But you know its interesting, God really is very mysterious in some ways, which pretty much means that you can’t always grasp everything He’s doing with you brain.

    We, really as spiritual beings, we have to learn how to function and flow in the Spirit and we have to learn how to discern things spiritually.

    It seems like it would be so easy for God just to tell us. But He wants us to do the search, He wants us to walk in faith and to be honest, He wants us to learn, and grow and stretch and step out and to sometimes even make mistakes and learn by that.

    Joyce Meyer says, He wants us to step back and not be afraid to step out again And you know what, every single person in here can learn to be dynamically lead by the Holy Spirit, which literally means to hear from God. But you’re not going to do it sitting around idle asking everybody else what you should do, every time you have a situation come up in your life, You’re going to have to get with God, know the Word, learn how to follow peace, and you can be led by the Spirit.


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