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Joyce Meyer Radio Podcast : Don’t Waste Your Pain

    Joyce Meyer Radio Podcast Dont Waste Your Pain :The founder of the Joyce Meyer ministry has come through with this wonderful Podcast titled ”Don’t waste your pain”.

    This is is really one of the best of Joyce Meyer radio podcast you cannot afford to miss.

    Teaching on this Podcast, Joyce Meyer stated ” Everybody in this life is going to get hurt, regardless of your status and your background. But the good news is that our healing lives in the inside.

    When we pray, we always have a misconception of prayer. We always feel God will immediately solves everything. Most often , when we pray, God provides us with what to do as solution.

    If you have been badly hurt by someone you cannot believe will, the truth is that the healing will take time. It will require you doing some things.

    It is important that if we are going to do nothing and expect God to do everything, then that is not going to happen. If you have been badly hurt by someone you can get completely well and be whole, it will not be easy, it will take time, it will take you doing some things that you would rather not do, things you don’t feel are fair like forgiving people and may be even be requuired by Good to bless those people. That some people treated you wrong, that doesn not give you the licence to treat them wrong. God always want us to treat people the way we would want to be treated.

    Kindly watch, listen, meditate and learn frm this Joyce Meyer Podcast and as you do so, may God bless his words in yoour heart and grant you all your heart desires.

    Video Credit : Joyce Meyer Ministries Youtube


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