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Joyce Meyer Ministries Trains and Equips 300 Nepal Pastors

    Joyce Meyer Ministries Trains and Equips 300 Nepal Pastors

    Joyce Meyer Ministries Trains and Equips 300 Nepal Pastors

    Joyce Meyer Ministries through the instrumentality of the founder and president, Joyce Meyer has trained and equipped 300 Pastors from Nepal, a landlocked country in South Asia.

    The trianing of the Nepal pastors took place during a 3-day free Grow Conference held in Nepal this month.

    At the Conference hosted by Hand of Hope, the Joyce Meyer ministries global mission stated that, the pastors were not only trained but also equipped with essential faith resources.

    Acknowledging the interest and focus of Joyce Meyer’s ministries in educating and training leaders around the world, Joyce Meyer stated in a recent Instagram post thus “We invited 300 pastors to come together from all around Nepal( some travelling more than 50 hours) for three days of training, fellowship and growing in Christ.”

    At the conclusion of the training, each pastor got a tablet fully loaded with resources from the Bible, Joyce’s teachings and other resources translated in Nepalese.

    Other items distributed to the pastors include portable PA and projectors.

    Announcing the news, Meyer also shared photos from the event. In a crossed photo of the participants, the pastors could be seen happily holding each of the items received.

    The conference however according to Meyer’s post was most significant to a Kailali pastor identified as Kalu Ram Pun who had dreamt of these resources for 6 years. Pastor Pun has ” prayed for 6 years for the tools needed to help him in children ministry,” Meyer explained.

    “He is so thankful to God, Joyce Meyer Ministries and to the partners. Now he can take these items back to his church and use it to share God’s word.”

    Joyce Meyer Ministries is dedicated to sharing God’s love, offering hope and encouragement to those facing challenges.
    Its global mission arm Hand of Hope outreach program provides humanitarian aid to those in need around the world, addressing issues such as poverty, hunger, and disease.

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