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Joyce Meyer Message : Right and Wrong Mindsets | Enjoying Everyday Life Teaching

    Joyce Meyer Message : Right and Wrong Mindsets : The founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries, Joyce Meyer has come through with this new episode of Enjoying Everyday Life Teaching titled ”Right and Wrong Mindset”

    Preaching on this Enjoying Everyday Life teaching episode, Joyce Meyer assured us that we have what it takes to overcome!

    On this episode of Enjoying Everyday Life, Joyce Meyer shares a message that will help you deal with issues that are easier to ignore.

    Joyce Meyer new quotes:

    God can take the worst thing that you could possibly imagine and somehow or another, He throws a few of His own ingredients in there and it turns out to be a miracle. And all you have to do is give it to Him.

    God knows your need, He knows your name, He’s heard your prayers, and you’ve got a suddenly coming. Don’t you give up and don’t you quit, because God is faithful.

    God wants us to put our hope and expectations in Him. He wants us to trust Him to do what’s best for us in the way He chooses. And He wants us to give Him the credit for the good things He does in our lives.

    Understand this…mercy is never deserved. If you’re waiting to give mercy to somebody who deserves it you’re never going to be merciful to anybody because mercy is not mercy if it’s earned.

    Please kindly watch/listen to this Enjoying Everyday Life Teaching by Joyce Meyer ”Right and Wrong Mindset” and as you do so, may God through the Holy Spirit guide your mindset and bring it in comformity with his will.

    Video credit : Joyce Meyer Youtube


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